Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

…And clothes shopping didn’t completely suck

Yeah, there went my mind too. Blown away.

I got some cute stuff in a smaller size so it actually fits and my ta-tas arn’t falling out of my shirt any more. I still have the weird problem where it’s too tight in the boobs and too big under the arms. I think I’m broken in some sort of way. For the first time in… four years I own a suit jacket. It’s a little big, but it’s four full sizes smaller than my winter coat (yaay). Care instructions say machine wash cold, line dry. I might haveta throw it in the dryer for a few min, see if I can get it to shrink.

I finally have a button-down shirt that isn’t retarded, but I’ll have to hang it up to dry forever more. It even goes into a warm water load, and I have no doubt my boobulas will be peeking out the hole between the buttons. And bras that fit!! haazaa! It’s very supportive to have bras that won’t let you down. Boobie size didn’t go down, just the size around, which aparently, can make your cups get all big with excess material (the mysteries of bra sizing. The lady at the store was very helpful with measuring me and making size suggestions).

And I got a very adorable piece of pink nighty. Which so happens to be four whole sizes smaller than the nighty of mine that just bit the dust (it was cute, but so big that I was swimming in it, and when I was flopping around the bed I ripped off a spaghetti strap). So now I own… are you ready for it… ONE comfortable nighty!!! YAAY! I had a “one size fits all” nightshirt that I’d go swimming in at night. I think James made it have an “accident” or something because I haven’t seen it in like a year. I have one pair of shorts and top that’s a full 6 sizes too big (hell it was to big when mom bought it for me two years ago), a purple thing that fits all weird and is allegidly the same size as the pink thing I bought today, but is too clingy to be comfortbale in bed… and I have um… some t-shirts (that’re getting to be too big in the summer) and The Emperor’s New Clothes! Which is OK and all, but then my shoulders get cold. It’s a thing I have.

Shirt, bras… oh yeah, one of the bras is strapless, but it has these plastic “invisible” straps that hook on. Just thought I’d share that… a piddy necklace, and a pair of socks. Oh yeah and the skirt and blouse I’m wearing. And the pink chemise. That’s it, for real this time.

(Because, Internet, I know you care so deeply about what I bought at the store)


June 23, 2005 - Posted by | Random & Miscellany

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