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Original content is just too tough to hack.

Operative word: hack.

Anyways, I meant to credit Heather for the Goth poem generator thingy yesterday, but I was so enchanted with it, I didn't credit her here and I didn't leave a note on her site saying I'd swiped it.  My bad.  

And today, I bring you this fantastical quote from your friendly neighborhood Rage Monkey: "Uh Oh, I think the patient's testicle just exploded. (That's a sentence you didn't think you would ever read on this blog…)"



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Why haven’t I blogged?

Yeah,I got asked that last night.  Here's the rundown: Saturday, I was too lazy. Sunday I always crash. I crashed hard this particular Sunday. Slept in till almost 1 and intended to go to mass in the evening, but changing from one numb butt cheek to the other on the couch was about all I could handle, and even that took a concerted effort. 

Monday I spent working on my sister's room.  I stopped over, planning on sighing in disappointment with how her room wasn't done yet, but was surprised when it was.  I spent about 12 hrs there. We painted three of the walls then started moving my sister's bed away from the last wall…

First of all, the carpet was dryrotted and tore as it came up.  Then we pulled it away from the floor and there were miss matched layers of plywood that were covering the  ancient floor boards.  They jutted out in weird shapes and were layered funny and failed to cover about 6X2' area of floor.  We ended up pulling back a bunch of the carpet and ripping up the bad/weird pieces of board  so we had a nice square hole to work with. 

We pitched a fit about the crappy workmanship by some member of our family (If yer gunna do it, do it right, dammit) and tried to think about how we'd fix that mess and surveyed our options.  We measured and realized we needed 3/4 inch plywood, which is why some of it had been layered–half inch and quarter inch.

OH yeah, and the two water pipes poke up through that mess, the sewage pipe poking out of the wall, a gas line down in the corner and a now-uncovered air vent thats probably getting dust pushed down it as we speak.  

Flying, flaming disaster.

I figured I'd try to freecycle some plywood, we don't need too much, and it'd be a) a shame to buy a whole sheet for as little as we need, and b)  really hard to get an n8X4 sheet home in my little sedan that is without a roof rack.

Heard from a few people, no one who has 3/4 inch. It's a weird size.  So I start thinking of what I can do and check my mom's shed.  Sure enough… probably a whole board worth of scraps… all 1/2 inch.  So I guess I'll figure something out.  

Anyways, my everything hurts from painting, I have to figure out how to make the floor not look like a pile of crap and take every single one of those cieling tile down and spray paint 'em…  paint the floor, get rid of the filing cabinet, get the dresser thats at the bottom of the steps in their room, put all the furnature back, make everything functional, bla bla bla and get the headboards for those beds from my dad's place (i have no idea why they are there). and a bunch of other stuff. Oh well. I'm doomed. 

So thats why i've been remiss in blogging, o great Internet.  

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So I’ve had this weird thing happening.  My sister is copying and pasting stuff from my blog and putting it onto hers without attributing it.  It’s like plagerism, but not.  What does one do about that  (Other than wait and see if she copies and pastes this onto her blog)??

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A total failure at getting stuff done.

I accomplished going to church and getting groceries. Then I came home and hit the hay till almost 4. I coulda gone jogging while the weather was good, but that’d have been too simple. Now it’s dark and I’m not quite sure I an force myself to go. Ugg. If I were not a total putz, I’d go get my text book from the Waterfront. Because y’know, that’s a drive I really wanna take on my day off. blah.

You know, the day that I’m wearing a sweater with nothing under it, haven’t washed my face and am running late is the day we gotta wear choir robes. I contemplated going commando. Not like pantsless, though the robe was long enough (this time–it’s hit or miss whether I’m going to get a grownup robe, or a short German woman robe). It’s SO fricking hot next to the organ. I was doing the yucky sweat thing right on the stole thingy. Eww.

FINALLY getting caught up on my Friday TV. Stargate’s back on. Yaay. Finally got Yahoo! Chat running on my Mac. Y’know, because everybody cares so deeply. Firefox has been pissing me off more and more lately. It hasn’t been doing the happy crashing thing since I downloaded a newer version. I dont really like Safari, but the latest update of it has been less craptacular as well.

I’m ready for bed again, which is sad.

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I coulda just eaten a real lunch

I have some frozen dinners in the freezer at work, and for some reason, I ALWAYS forget about them. I had a peanutbutter sammich and an apple today, which really just didn’t do it in the healthy blood sugar dept. Of course, I never remember till I get home that they’re in there. And I always plan my lunch anticipating that I’ll eat one of them, but I never do. This has been going on since the beginning of November. Yes, I am truely that sad.

So I’ve spent the last five minuntes slathering peanutbutter (the yummy all natural kind) on Hershy’s kisses (the yummy almond kind) and gobbling them down. I feel strangely satisfied, but kinda bummed because there was no actual reduction in calorie content even tho I’ve actually eaten very little today.

Way to go, me. Keepin’ the fat alive.

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head hurts

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’d try to work out at least five days a week now that the hell that was november is over, but I feel like so much shit. Like shit beyond the telling of shit. All my muscles hurt, my tummy feels funny (of course, I haven’t eaten much today, so it could be that, coupled with the new meds) and my head hurts.

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I like Wiki, I really do…

Check out this article from USA Today:

At age 78, I thought I was beyond surprise or hurt at anything negative said about me. I was wrong. One sentence in the biography was true. I was Robert Kennedy’s administrative assistant in the early 1960s. I also was his pallbearer. It was mind-boggling when my son, John Seigenthaler, journalist with NBC News, phoned later to say he found the same scurrilous text on and

But I think they could be doing slightly more in the area of demanding personal responsibility from users. I think asking people to register with legitimate and possibly verifiable information (like ebay or paypal) might be a good start.

I also think that places like that import stuff automatically from Wiki without bothering to check the veracity of a source that is always in flux, and so obviously questionable are IDIOTS.

Of course, that seems to be standard practice in the media now days. Back in the day, confirming information from a second source was SOP. Now days, one source will do. And it’s OK if that source is another media outlet. “Fact checking” and “verification” really don’t seem to be necessary today, which is a bit disturbing in a world where misinformation propigation and out-and-out lying are so ramped.

Yes, I understand one of the points of Wiki is quick editing by many people with many different specialties in order to get the most complete and accurate view of a society. But I also take it with a grain of salt. I go to it to build a frame of reference. Like, if someone says to me “I broke my suffelgesix.” Wiki could give me a rough idea whether I should be looking for information on a body part, or a porcelin nicknack. But to quote it on a site that portrays itself as a “legitimate” information source, without investigating the veracity of said information? I think that’s just damned irreponsible.

In summary: People are stupid.

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I’m a cop-out artist

Yeah, so I just submitted my article (late of course) to the journal. I wrote about something very stuffy and academic last term. This time I … uh… sort of wrote about comic books. Oh I totally spun it so it fits the journal’s criteria. But… uh… it was about comic books. And uh… I’m totally planning on doing a follow-up next quarter if this article is accepted. Crap, I may even be able to milk a third quarter out of it this summer as well because the Con is in April. It feels so cheap LOL. I mean, I had a blast writing it, I actually had real honest to gosh interviews and stuff, and I felt very Lois Lane, except I wasn’t strapped to a bomb or falling off a building. But, see, that’s the thing. I had fun, and it was an article about something I already know stuff about, and it’s about something I love, and that’s what feels dirty and wrong about it. God forbid that I actually come to make money doing something that is fun and that I love. It may create some sort of space-time vortex that will end up disrupting the hyperverse and retconning my own life. It’ll by Quantem Leap, only it’ll be written by Chuck Dixon in his waning years and Frank Miller. You see why I’m worried, right? This is fate of the universe type stuff here.

Oh well. I overanalyse.

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To Heather… My Bad.

TOTALLY thought I blogrolled you. I bookmarked you on my work machine, certainly that counts for something??

I totally have had a stabbing pain in my eyeball since I got home from Eat N Park last night. I wonder if your eyeball can get food poisoning.

Mom got into a car accident. Jenn’s gunna walk up here then we’re gunna go see her at the ER. Why? Why not. Also wanna find out from dad if her car needs a “pickup and dropoff” or a tow. How the hell can you get rearended on the highway?? WTF? It’s not like the beltway around washington where it’s bumper to bumper and everyone’s going 70.

I need fishnet stockings. It’s very important.

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Avoidance is a good policy.

well, it’s not, really. But I’m contemplating it. I volunteered to sing at a church and never heard back from the guy. This was about a month ago, before I realized how wretched the music was at their parish (See previous post about Gather Us In being a work of genious, comparitively). Finally he called me back and asked me to stop over at the organ after mass on sunday.

The parish picknic is on sunday at my church and I’ll probably be at that. Should I call him back and just say uh… sorry, changed my mind? It’s not like Im in actual danger of affecting music choices at any of the churches I sing at. Because, y’know, I’ve tried and we see what’s happened (nothing).

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