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Teddybear Picnic


Effing love this song.  


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The only thing this tea is missing is Daleks.

I’m not supposed to have caffine for like 9 months, but I’m hurting today. So a friend lent me his tea thingy. Real zippy stuff. Only, I didn’t realize how strong this tea was when I was dumping it out of the box, and I put like four times as much in the thing as necessary. This stuff isn’t bitter, it’s just… trucker tea. You can stick a spoon straight up in it. Tea like my gramma used to make. Ahh yes, those were the days. I had to do something I haven’t done since I was a kid… actually put milk in my tea. And I had to put a hell of a lot. Seriously. I had fuzzy weird nostalgic feelings remembering the smell of nicotine, dry fuzzy yarn and wet tea bags. And the sci-fi channel. My grandmother was one of the first people with the sci fi channel. She never turned the tv off of that, unless she was watching PBS or A&E. And if she left it on PBS, chances are, later in the day, it’d switch over to Doctor Who. SO you’d have Daleks with your gallons and gallons of tea that you’d swill.

PS…Dude… you know, I was like in junior high school before I figured out that you could put stuff in tea that wasn’t milk?? Sheltered existance.

PSS…I figured out what this tea tastes like. It tastes like that one time when I wanted to find out what would happen if you sucked all the remaining water out of a used tea bag. EXACTLY like that. Eww.

Oh well. at least I’m feeling a bit more awake. I feel like I’ve fallen off the medical bandwagon. I hope the medical fairies don’t come to get me and drag me away to hell for not following doctor’s orders. At least I was awake enough to have that thought.

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That was SO Snakes on a Plane.

I swear, I’m going to write my doctoral thesis on Snakes on a Plane.  It was horror, it was action, it was disaster movie.  And the princess and the ninja got together at the end.

James keeps saying “he wasn’t a ninja, he was a kick boxer.” Yeah, ok, whatever.  The princess wasn’t a REAL princess either.  But come on.  The guy was a ninja. Ok, and Samual L. Jackson was in it, which is a reason to see it right there.  He is awesome and has my personal seal of approval.  The superman movie was good, and this movie was good.  The only thing that could have made this summer better was if Samual L. Jackson had actually PLAYED superman.  Then I’d be dead, because I’d explode from the awesomess that my soul couldn’t contain.

Dude, I swear, it was such a good movie.  Just freakin’ go see it.  It was exactly what it said it would be, and so much more.

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We wants it, Precious…

The world's bestest case mod. Ever.

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My Little Pony and me

<br><b><a href=""><font size=+1>You Are Opium!</font></a></b><br><img src="; width="300" height="221">You like to have fun and enjoy life. Reeeeeally enjoy life. If it isn't fast, loud, or extreme forget it. You value friendship and are loyal and will not hesiste to go off if someone crosses you. <br><b><a href="">What Naughty My Little Pony Are You?</a></b>

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My plebeian underpants

Remember the great saga of my bourgeoisie underpants. I think I said they were $8 a pair. Oh no, They’re just $8 a pair when you get them half price. Cuz they’re usually buy one, get one half-price. Yes, these are $16 underpants.

I miss the $16 underpants. Really I do. Back in my single days when I’d buy clothes every month, instead of just when I’m “going to a thing.” Oh those days…

My underpants were cute and actually fit.

Why the underpant-nostalgia?

I’m wearing a pair that’re cute. They’re lower cut, and they they have a cute little pink boomerang pattern on them. Very 50’s retro. Now, when I used to by my bourgeoisie underpants, they were sized like pants sizes. But these peasant underpants have weird sizes that mean nothing in relationship to anything else, like shoe sizes. So I looked at the hight/weight chart on the back of the package and to a size smaller than what I thought I needed, but they ended up being a size too big. And my pants are too big on me tonight (yes, the horror just goes on and on) so my pants arn’t holding my underpants up over my butt even, and I haveta keep tugging upward.

Damned plebeian underpants.

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At least I’m honest about my obsessions.

So, what're you obsessed with?? I just found (yet another) celebrity blog to check like twice a day. I guess my celebrity blog obsession could actually be broken up into two obsessions. There's the Rumor Mill blog which is basically a free/online version of US and People with better/more creative writing. See Perez Hilton. Then there's the celebrity plastic surgery blogs. These have slightly more credentials to them than the Rumor Mill blogs because they're sometimes written by plastic surgeons, but either way, all the Plastic Surgery blogs are basically comparing before and after pictures (some of which are completely grotesque) and conjecture as to whether this person lost weight, had botox, or had their face stretched like Cassandra in Doctor Who (Moisturize me! Moisturize me!). See below:

Look like any celebrities you know?

So anyways, I "discovered" today so I have (yet another) blog to add to ye olde rolle.

I don't know why I enjoy it. maybe it's nice to see celebrities taken down a peg. They're more beautiful than us, their opinions are worth more than ours, they're more tallented, richer, bla bla bla. Nice to see them wearing rediculous outfits, wetting their pants, or looking weird like the cat lady.

Other obsessions include but are not limited to: My Little Pony, Stargate SG1, Goo-B-Gone, Ninjas, Batman, melon-flavored anything, glow-in-the-dark booze, stuff that smells (incense, candles), Splenda, colored pens, big-headed babies, smelly hand creams in funny little pump bottles from Bath and Body Works, Babble and Bookworm.

So… what makes you totally not rational?

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Today is my second youngest baby sister's 18th birfday.  Dad totally screwed up the dinner plans, and I think she had to bake her own cake, but she survived until her 18th year, which is to be commended. Now we just need to kick the high school habit… 

Well, Mary, what can I say? You can buy lotto tickets, but you won't. You believe a fool and his money are soon parted, and you'll not be that guy.  You can buy cigarettes, but you won't.  You choke on the fumes from the high school swimming pool. I don't picture you swigging on the cancer sticks any time soon.  You can join the military, but you won't.  That whole running thing.  Where they make you. And the getting up thing. Where they make you.  Oh yeah, and you can vote.  But you won't.  Because the primaries were yesterday, and you haven't registered.  Oh well, maybe by the November elections. Senate races are hot. 

In another three years you can do awesome things like drink.  And get drunk.  But you won't.  You know how stupid people look when they're hosed.  Hey, if I can't be an example, I might as well be a warning. In another six or seven, you can rent a car.  Hopefully by then mom'll let you get your license. 

Anyways, you're a neat kid, and you're a funny kid.  No wonder they had to invent an after-school activity, just for you, with the Humor Club.   You don't believe in yourself nearly enough, but you are smart, even if you're not good at the same things we are.  You don't believe you're creative, either, just because art class isn't your thing.  I can't throw a pot to save my life, but they let me into an art school :).  Your food is so gosh-darned pretty I take pictures of it, and not in that weird Italian "must photograph every cake and floral arangement received" kind of way.  Btw, Nana had a whole envelope of pictures of cakes and flower arangements. I just post pictures of your perfect pies on my blog. Like this.

Anyways, you are awesome and you are loved.  Things arn't going so great right now, but "this too shall pass," and when it does, I believe you can do anything you want to.  You have a plan, and if you work hard, you're going to end up right where you want.  And I don't mean in the bowels of the beast.  I mean in your perfect job!!  Remember… we create the life we DESERVE for ourselves.  I have a driveway and an awesome husband, and a My Little Pony collection, so I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE.  Don't look at the people around you who have created a mess for themselves… look at your goals and figure out how to get there.  Insert stuff here about shooting for moons and stars and such and other inspirational stuffs.  Cuz you are awesomes and deserve all kinds of encouragement and stuffs. 



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Have I blogged you lately?

I have a pink pen that, just a few months ago, was too bright for me.  It seemed odd and out of place.  I’d use the purple for everything because that was the right tool for the job.  It wasn’t too bright, it wasn’t blue or black (which is just plebian), it was it’s own unique and perfect thing.  But now it’s dull and over-done.  The pink pen is now the perfect pen.  It’s bright and cheerful and unique.  It’s not evil and accusatory like a red pen, and it’s not tired and drab like the purple pen.

They’re both pilot pens so they’re awesome, of course.  I have a maroon pen just like ’em and a blue one.  The blue one is really teal, so I’m not sure what it counts for… but it reminds me of blue pens so I don’t want to use it.  And for a while the maroon pen was awesome because it was unique but subtile, since it was the same color as the lines on my journal.  Now it’s like… geeze, you can’t even tell that’s a pen.

I wonder what would happen if I bought a green pen?

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