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This was funny

Outtakes are always funny. Always.

Well, the funny ones at any rate.


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axe weilding fetuses

Have had some jelly babies in the candy dish since around christmas, asked my brother if he wanted it any, he asked me if i had an orange one.  I gave him an orange one, he asked if I had any toothpicks, he wanted to make the thing a little axe.

Apparently he saw that episode of Coupling too.

Anyways, happy new years from me, my brother and the ax weilding foetus.

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So I finalllllly saw Casino Royale.  It was bitchin’ awesomes.  It was made of awesomes.  I think that more realistic bent was what I’ve been looking for in the last few, but they just got more and more sci fi and over the top and… well, charactures of themselves. Nice to see Bond having a soul.  If you see him giving a sh-t once in a while, then it’s even more impressive when he doesn’t give a sh-t.  Same thing with there being physical consequences for the action sequences.  Just makes the action that much better.

Kind of a finals week tradition that I have.  Go see something totally awesomes to just kind of take the mind off work for a bit.  Otherwise your head just keeps running over the same stuff over and over, and you never get anywhere.

Soo seepy-seepy.

PS… what the hell CAN Ianto and Jack do with that stop watch.  That isn’t of a sexual nature? Maybe play chess. But every time I think of Jack’s involvement… all I can think of is “strip chess.”  If someone hasn’t already invented it… I’m sure  Jack’ll think of it.

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Talk about taking the wind out of my pants-crapping sails.

I was busy crapping my pants in my husband’s direction saying he’d never everrrrr guess who’d be joining the cast of Heroes in January (and like, seriously, if you arn’t watching it–you should be. It’s amazingly awesomely awesome)…. and he already knew.


He knew and he didn’t tell me.


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Stuff that makes ya go *squee*

I’d say not in a fan grrl kinda way, but I’d be lying.

1) Totally flipped my lid when Chloe gives clark this speach about taking the world on his shoulders, and there’re people who want to help, and I’m like *huh?* then Chloe walks away and Clark steps on an Oreo. I was squeeing “Martian Manhunter!!!” all night. *Squee* I dont know why that makes me squee, it’s sort of unbecoming, because I mock those who squee. But for some reason I get giddy with the thought of the Martian Manhunter on Smallville

2) My cat actually squeed this morning when my husband opened the can of shrimp with cod oil food. She was on it before he even put the bowl on the ground. Totally unbecoming.

3) Martian Manhunter!! (Hey, I haven’t dropped a load in admiration of captain jack or daleks in like… a week.. let me have this…)

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SO sorry for this.

Well, I haven’t verbally crapped my pants due to Captain Jack’s awesomness in like a week, so I feel compelled:

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Awesomes am awesome.

We were up till 4 watching both episodes of Torchwood. It was so awesome I crapped my pants. Twice. Dude, Rose screwed Jack up good.  Ok, the whole “I can’t die” headwound healing up thing was like… dude.  But then he does the whole Vortex glowy yellow thingy and it’s like… woh.

I heard a lot of people complaining before I saw the episode.  There was the ‘oh you can’t have something that’s Doctor Who related thats also adult’ contingency, and ok, they didn’t need to drop that many F bombs, but I think the first F bomb two minutes in to the episode is like ‘no, really, put your damned kids to bed, people.’ You know… last warning–we’re really freakin’ serious this time.  But if you want kid-friendly, hold on a few months for Sarah Jane Adventures.

Then there’re the people who wouldn’t watch it to begin with.  The people who see it as a blight to Doctor Who.  But some of those really turgid and poorly written Virgin novels were just fine.  OK, whatever.  Low standards.  Anyways, you know who these people are… they’re the ones that take the fun out of fandom.  They complain about everything that isn’t the way they remember it being, or have idealized it being from their childhood, and nothing ever lives up to their expectations.  And you’re stupid for not agreeing with them.  Don’t forget that.

I think we were 20 minutes into the episode airing before someone illustrated Goodwin’s law.  I have no idea how a tv  show can be related to Hitler, but somehow Torchwood is.   Angry fans are such a drag.  Being a fan of something should make you happy, not unhappy. If you are happy being unhappy, there’s something wrong.

So *gush* I loved it.  Enjoyed all the DW references.  Hope Jack gets the answers he’s looking for.  Hope Gwen gets a boyfriend that isn’t a total *snore* job.  Nice appearance by the Doctor’s hand.  And I still [heart] Captain Jack.  In all of his Captain Jack-ish glory.

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Lemme just Nerd real quick and get it over with.

Torchwood clip.

Ok.  As you were.

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I [heart] Captain Jack.  I [heart] him so much that I broke my nerd doing it. Now if the stoopid Beeb would confirm an air date, I can get back to living.

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Have you [hearted] Captain Jack today??

Yeah, it’s 11:25. In an ideal world, I’d still be asleep right now.  I’ve been up since 8:30 which is cruel and unusual.  But really. I’ve figured out finally why i [heart] captain jack.  He’s Peter from Office Space, but with guns and flirting (or dinner and dancing, if you prefer, ouch, broke my nerd on that one).  I need a Captain Jack montage.  Since I don’t have iMovie (I don’t believe in paying for software–if I can’t get a license thru work, or it’s not freeware, I don’t need it), I’ll haveta settle for this:

The only thing that makes me sad is that I [heart] both Captain Jack and Daleks.  I also fear daleks, but I [heart] daleks. And Daleks killed Captain Jack briefly. Maybe if Captain Jack WAS a Dalek…

Don’t mind me.  I’ve not had much sleep, and I am made almost entirely out of cheese. I’m also one percent plastic, but that’s just the wrapper.

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