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Which is faster-moving–Zombie-Ninjas, or Ninja-Zombies? Ninja Zombies would haveta be zombies that were somehow imbued with ninja skills. Zombie Ninjas would be Ninjas who were once living ninjas and who were killed and turned into zombies.


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Which is faster-moving–Zombie-Ninjas, or Ninja-Zombies? Ninja Zombies would haveta be zombies that were somehow imbued with ninja skills.  Zombie Ninjas would be Ninjas who were once living ninjas and who were killed and turned into zombies.


ahh yes, bacon.  the meat that makes other meat taste good.

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the further adventures of…tea

Hubby is drinking Southern Brew Tea which is secret code for nasty. Ok, I like a nice bit of iced tea same as the next person, but that’s like… the koolaid of tea. One cup of sugar per quart of water, you know how it goes. Barf. And oh yeah, empty calories. Have I mentioned the empty calories?

Chocolate cookies would make me feel better maybe. I shoulda got some at ikea yesterday. mmm ikea. Now I have a new shower curtain. we’ve decided to redo the bathroom in daleks. Then I promptly broke the eye stock off the bath gell filled dalek. Damned crappy American-made sub-par daleks…

To randomly take it back to tea, i’m depressed, I’m outta the cinnamon stuff and didn’t realize it till I got home from the grocery store. I had to drink hot cider and hot cocoa. It’s a tragic life I lead. Not that I dont have forty seven other kinds of tea in the cupboard (in addition to catfood–it’s a weird cupboard) but i wanted the cinnamon stuff. I’d make coffee, but the acid would tear whats left of my throat out.

Ok, whatever. I’m gunna drink the evil tea of sugary coma-ness and see if that helps my throat. OF course, I have about even odds of throwing it up again too.

Ebryfing is howwible and ebryfing is tewwible. And i is siiikkkk.

**UPDATE**  Tea redux: found the cinnamon tea on the box of cat food. I’m sure I put it there for ‘safe keeping.’ Or something.

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Babies can’t come to tea

They’re rubbish.

Seriously tho.

I”ve had a lot of booze.  Coupling is always funny, it’s funnier with booze.

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Another actual tea-oriented post.

1) STILL frightened by the lipton tea pyramid.

2) Have lots of tea in my desk and a sore throat and a mug in which to make said tea.  Would have to dump out old coffee first tho, and that’s too much effort.

3) Lost my little tea bally thingy at home.  It’s somewhere, but I don’t know where.

4) I have three teapots.  Which is more than anyone should have and not use. Ok so the little one gets used occationally, when I’m sick. You know, when I should be using the big ones.  Maybe I should whip out a big one tonight and make enough tea to make me float to bed and drink it all.  I’ve got the gunk and it makes me sad.

5) I have three tea pots.  How messed up is that??

On a seperate note–got a new cat. Her name is Precious, which is way too precious of a name (she was named this before we got her).  James calls her P-Kitty.  I call her “hey, cat.” It works out ok that way.  She needs a scratching post tho.  Unlike monkey, she’s afraid of the front door.  I still miss Monkey.  Sniffles.

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This one actually gets filed under Chamomile

what the hell is a “tea experience!?”  Why do I want one? The Lipton commercials scare me.  And I say this as an entire cupboard in my house dedicated to tea.

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I think I wanna run a marathon

Because, you know, I have nothing else to do in my life but train right now. Actually, I don’t. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve never done my homework to the best of my ability, and I never will. So I should stop trying. Which automatically frees up several hours a day for this “training” thing. I probably don’t have the dicipline to do it, but I’d like to have the dicipline. Which isn’t exactly the first step. It’s like step 0.5 or something.

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Yes, I continue to be an ass.

I never read the staff newsletters. Today I happened to flip through. Actually, I put it in the recycling pile, then took it back out and flipped through. I saw that Kennywood day has been moved to this coming saturday, so we can’t go and benefit from the cheap tickets. I also happened to flip to the last page, entitled “In Memoriam.” A friend of mine was on that page. We went to NY together, hell, we even shared a bed together in Hershey. We delt with an asshole friend together… we had a lot of fun. I stopped hearing from her shortly after my office was moved, and I don’t know why… I never followed up. I’d think about following up and stopping in her office, but I just didn’t. I guess I was caught up in my own little melodramas. She’s been dead since 2003 and I didn’t even fricking know. Because I’m an ass.

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Helpful Hint

To the Youth Ministry girl I was sitting with at Eat N Park…

The dinner table AT the Youth Ministry dinner is NOT the best place to whip out and take your birthcontrol.

Thank you.

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Church shopping time.

We’ve been feeling increasingly uncomfortable for the last few months at our parish, and it sort of culminated this weekend. James actually told the head usher that he’ll be ushering less this summer because we’ll be going to the cathedral every other week.

The lady that’s always harshing my mellow was cantoring. I can’t stand her extemporanious add-ins. Just announce the hymn and sing. Don’t be cute and make protracted statements and announcements. Even worse was when she wished father a safe trip and blathered on before announcing the closing hymn. It seems like she thinks it’s her show or something.

There was also the rather disheartening roll down the keyboard on the last verse of the Alleluia, which is already too r&b/Gospel for fuddy duddy me.

Things’ve just been progressively getting further and further from where we want to be. There’s a general attitude that eating in the pews and reading books and playing games is fine for kids, because we just can’t expect them to pay attention (and if they can’t pay attention, distract themselves quietly and without external intervention… y’know… like when we were kids). I don’t like the drection things’re going in. I’ve felt it for a while, and kept telling myself that maybe I was just being judgmental, etc. But no… the end result was as I feared it would be. Well, they haven’t completely degenerated. It’s gotten to the point where we’re not comfortable, however.

The cathedral was ok. Probably the parish I was most comfortable at, however, it’s a little far away and there’s no parking. I may see if we can try St. Anthony’s on Troy Hill. They’ve got something like 1500 relics or something like that. Maybe they’ve got their heads screwed on straight there. None of the churches that’re close to us are sane any more. So I guess we’re kind of stuck.

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