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It hurts that I care.

Taylor Hicks is the next American Idol.  I like his grey hair–makes him different than all the cookie cutter popular image type people out there. I also liked his attitude.  Even when he's singing, you see that he's just having fun… the time of his life and all that.. and if it works out, great. If it doesn't… well, he's not going to be like the whiny girls in the beginning of the season that cry about how you're breaking their hearts and crushing their dreams.   

One of the guys at work watches it when it's on, so I got snookered into watching it this year.  I also hear Glenn Beck go on and on and on and on (and on!) about it on his radio show AND tv show. I bet he's going to be crapping his pants about this on the air tomorrow when the alarm goes off and I'm struggling to wake up.  


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All things bright and beautiful…

I'll just leave this one at that.  

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but somehow… it makes me hate Tom Cruise more.

Fox News headline: Police Blow Up News Rack Because of 'Mission: Impossible III' Promotion

Ok, so it wasn't his fault. But for some reason it seems like something goofy he'd engineer. I mean, the guys a nutter.  

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Yeah, me too, kid.

And check out while you're at it.  

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You’re rich….

Why can't you just take the beach ball out from under your camasol and buy a real fake pregnancy pad? 

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Hmm… interesting.

You know the tale… Katie Holmes was a good little Catholic girl who preached about how she was going to save herself for marriage, Tom was also baptized catholic and actually studied in a seminary (I think it was just a high school seminary, I could be wrong)… Now he’s NUTS and his head spins around and he spits pea soup and nails while his eyes glow red… (actually he just acts like a total freak-tard, but close enough) because he’s all “into” Scientology (friiiightening people, lemme tell you, and I’m related to my family, so I know scarry). So now Katie’s mom and dad are desperate for their soon-to-be-born (without the aid of drugs or primal screaming, I might add; what the hell is the point of progress?) grandchild to be baptized in the Catholic church, because THEY see it as important.

Here’s one Canon Lawyer’s thoughts on the matter.

I’ve totally found a new career for my friend Charlene who’s been burnt out doing a custody case because it lasted forever and a week in court because both parties need be smacked. Repeatedly. It’s LIKE law, but without stupid criminal clients who don’t understand a deal when they see one and the stupid family clients who are so self-absorbed that their kids would actually be better off being raised by the television than said actual parents. Nosiree Bob. No child endangerment here, and all the posturing, arguing and over-thinking you can handle!! She’s catholic and she lives in the south, and she’s STILL catholic. And she goes to a church with a Latin mass. She’ll totally do fine.

Btw, this dude suffers from a terminally cool blog 🙂 Thanks to Mr Akin for the reference.

Speaking of Mr Akin, and keeping up with my Ninjas For Christ theme of this post (did you know they had themes? Did you know that sometimes I can string entire coherant phrases together together into coherant sentences and paragraphs that all like, pertain to each other and stuff)…here’s a great link to a story about bibles bursting into flames. Just cuz that’s always funny. Well, I guess it’s funny unless it happens to you.

Hadta reformat ye olde iPod like twice in two days. Was putting stuff back on and the dang thingy needed rebooted too, which is a pain cuz won’t… wait a second. I was keeping on point. iPod… Yes. I recall… Cardinal Arinze, a fave Cardinal of mine (they’re my homies, yo), and who I was kind of pulling for (and betting on) to be the next pope now has a podcast. Sweetness. Maybe if my iBook, recently rescued from a harddisk crash and is now suffering from a deceased dvdrom drive will consistantly recognise my iPod, I’ll be able to download.

So, anyways, that’s the wrap-up. All the cool Catholic stuff thats fit to blog. That’s me. Yessiree Bob. I’m the poster with the most-er catholic links. Or something.

I’m gunna go home and make cookies. Chocolate ones. With powdered sugar on top. And you can’t have any.

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Don’t destroy evidence, just don’t make it to begin with.

What have I been saying for years, every time some “star” or other member of society kvetches about having “private” photos/videos/corrospondance slathered like Veet shaving gel all over the internet and adult video stores?

“Don’t take pictures or video of things you don’t want to show up on the internet.”

Yes, we’ve all decided that somewhere in the constitution there’s this implied right to privacy.  I’m down with that.  And you feel violated.  Yeah, I’ve been robbed a few times.  One time they even messed around with my wedding dress and threw it all over the place. I know it can make one’s butt raw to think about how others have gone through their stuff, etc etc.

But this is the digital age, and even the rumor of Britany’s second pregnancy spread like wildfire in a few days.  Keeping evidence of things you’d really rather not have floating around in the world at large is basically the equivolent of parking your car down town and leaving the windows rolled down.  You’re basically saying “You can have whatever you can find.”

It looks like at least SOMEONE out there has learned a lesson.

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SO unfortunate.

Where do I even start? First of all, the hair is weird. It looks weird and plastic and fake, like the hair on a fake barbie doll.

Second of all, too much plastic surgery. Madonna’s eyes are now weird and frog-like and she is possibly wearing more eye makeup than Hillary Duffy. Which is difficult. Her skin and hair and the rest of her makeup are all the same damned color, and she washes out.

But is a complete contrast to herblackand white outfit, which makes her look like one of those deranged maniquins at JC Penny that’s kind of a characture of a person, all one color with weird beviled hair.

The Xena top outfit isn’t workingfor her. She doesn’t have Xena’s boobies now that she’s an anorexic over-excercized cow. Those bracelets only further stand to accentuate the unfortunate mess that is her lower arms, Xena’s skirt was cooler, it was leather and it layed nicer.

And what the hell’s going on with the boots? Are they really high boots? Or are her tights the same material asthe boots, and so it looks like one piece? If you only look from the bottom of the skirt down, she looks like the wicked witch of something or other. It’s freaky. Madonna, eat food, please. Also, you’re too freaking old to run around wearing clothes that looked good yet slutty on you twenty years ago. It’s ok to get old, hon. It’s ok to wear clothes that flatter your now-aging (and preferably wiser) body. It’s not OK to wear clothes that only make your saggy old lady boobies look even more saggy and old lady-ish than they might already be. It’s not OK to wear clothes that’re going to show off your sad old-lady upper arms. Eat a hamburger andn buy something with sleeves.

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The Unbeatable ‘Hoff.

I will never understand why David Hasselhoff doesn’t have a singing career in the US.

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Cool or creepy? You decide.

Remember back in the mid 90’s when Nick Cage was slated to play Superman in a Tim Burton Superman film that fell apart?? Heck I even remember him talking about it on Leno, he was totally psyched.

Aparently too psyched.

He’s named his new son Kal-el Copola Cage.

Nick wins today’s “Wuhh?” Award.

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