Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

…dude, seriously.

You know… Every day I come to hate PC’s more and more.  I’m a mac junkie, it’s well documented. Well, we just got this ipaq, which is all well and good. Especially considering we paid less than 1/4 the retail price for it. (floor model–never actually used as a floor model, they just opened the box and roughed up the documentation a little).  And I didn’t have any trouble setting it up for wireless and bluetooth, etc.  There’s just one catch–there is no mac sync software.  Ok, there’re a few more catches–it won’t log into certain sites (might be that it’s the previous version of the OS, who knows), won’t sync with a  mac without third party software for $40 a pop, and I can’t seem to find a messenger program that’ll run on it.

Granted it was supposed to be my husband’s but it was so cool being able to go on the intarweb on a widdle hand-held device, I had a good mind to steal it.

Oh well.  There’s always that Palm III sitting next to my desk, if i can figger out how to sync it with my machine.  It’s ancient, no back light and oldschool grey on slightly less grey LCD.  But hey, it plays bejeweled. Thats all that really matters.

Finally made it to the liquor store.  Horray, booze for everybody!

Thats about it for me.


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Mac zombies unite

So I went to the Apple store today and purchased two of those little griffin stand thingies in the hopes of giving my laptop a lift, so I’m not always hunched over looking at it. I also picked up two bluetooth mice and one keyboard.  I only got the one keyboard because thats all they had otherwise I’d have gotten the second one too so that i have all this stuff for work too. Tired of the edge of the Macbook biting into my hands while I’m typing all the time.  Also my desk is just not condusive to having the laptop up close when I’m at work, so having a keyboard will make things tons easier.  Hoping to also not be quite so discombobulated every week when I go in to the chiropractors.

Got an appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to actually being able to see.  It’s a hobby of mine.

Uh, what else? Cats are still on crack.  Aggy is forever taking her life into her own hands by doing all kinds of things that make me want to kill her.  But she’s just so gosh darned cute while doing it… It’s a defense mechanism, the cuteness.  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Ever get something you didn’t need, then wonder how you lived life without it?? The remote for my laptop is this new “necessity.”  No more reaching over to the laptop to turgn the music or dvd back on, kick it to the next track or adjust the volume… just clickidy clickidy and you’re done.  How did I ever do without this thing?? This little piece of plastic has truely enhanced my quality of life.

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We’z the champeens, my fwiends

We’z got da pwize (totally different Queen album, I know).

On a seperate note… my grandfather is a serious old codger.  No one’s informed him that the 50’s are over.  And he’s seriously mean and miserable.  But he likes “We Are the Champions” by Queen.  And he sings it… all the time.  Has done since I was little.

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Reality? We don’t need no stinkin’ reality.

Algore (one word) says the darnedest things.  And by darndest, I mean dumbest.  Aparently TV’s more important than the Internet, which he invented.  Y’know.

Ok, so what if he exaggerated the facts in his global warming documentary? He’s just doing what artists do–tell a falsehood or fiction in order to get to the larger truth.

So what if he claims he made up the Internet? He could be mistaken.

Stuff that I will not forgive:

The crazy beard.  Ok, think about who has a crazy freakin’ beard like that?? All bushy and with a white patch on the chin?? Sadam Hussain, Harrison Ford,  Mel Gibson and… Algore.

1)  Uhh… insane a lot.

2) Did you see that frightening Dr Seuss commercial during the Superbowl?? STILL have nightmares. And he’s married to a skeleton who died right about the time Alley McBeal ended and has finally achieved, through decomposition, her ideal weight.  He looks nuts, therefore he IS nuts.

3) Way to go, Mel Gibson… way to be completely freakin’ nuts, and have a crazy homeless guy beard.  Even without those silly Jews, you’d still be a crazy guy with a crazy beard. And you’d find someone else to blame for your drunkeness. Drunkard.  HOWEVER, Mel Gibson is still less crazy than Tom Cruise who lives on planet Tom.  He may, however, be MORE crazy than Pat Robertson, who’s crazy and says things… but is mostly a benign crazy.

4)  Crazy beard, makes stuff up about the internet and global warming and thinks TV is more important than the internet.  Y’know, that crazy internet from which I can download my favorite shows for a nominal fee from legitimate sources such as iTunes.  Crazy, crazy Algore.  You may have shaved your crazy beard, but you’re still crazy.

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back to boring

Ok, so since that other theme was making everyone sick… we’re back with boring.

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…Why not?

You know how you can’t email your tivo from your cell phone and have it record the show that Bob at the water cooler told you was really awesome, but you won’t be home before it airs? Yeah, that sucks.

Or, how you can’t stick your USB stick into your stereo and listen to the audio book thats on there… or read that text doc, off the USB, on your iPod? Why can’t you stick your usb stick directly into your camera, and suck stuff off? Why can’t I log onto a website and shut off the air conditioning that you forgot to shut off before you left the house? Ok, sure, you can do some of this stuff with a lot of engineering on your own part, the occational hack, or really expensive equipment.  I mean–this stuff should be on the market and it should be a standard feature.

Hell, I’d settle for being able to do a google search and have it search the catalog of my local library in addition to all fifty seven online book site.

There’s all kinds of crap involving proprietary software/hardware, annoying and overly cautionistic (if that isn’t a word, it SHOULD BE!) interpretations of copyright law, and corperate isolationist philosophies that explain why we have the technological ABILITY to do cool stuff like that, but none of it’s actually commercially available.

Oh yeah, and I want to be able to visit a website before I leave work for the day and put my oven on 425 so that I can just throw dinner in the oven when i walk in the door, and i want to be able to email my ipod.  Not too much to ask, ya?

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Site-stats: The Instocrack.

Ok.  I have something on another site that I must admit has been getting a TON of hits lately.  It has half as many hits as something else that I started three or four years ago, and it’s accumulated that many hits in a little under a week.  I have to admit that sometimes… I go to the stats page and intermittantly hit “refresh.”  I know thats wrong.  I know what kind of hit-whore it makes me.  But stuff aint goin’ right, right now. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, and one of my profs wants me to vomit out a 15 page paper in 2 weeks.  But dammit… there’re several hundred people on the internet who like me. And that makes everything OK.  Or at least it means I won’t take the razor blade to my wrists during a lull at work.

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The clouds part, rays from heaven shine down as an angelic choir sings…

End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me
Effective July 11, 2006, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me (and their related components) will transition to a non-supported status. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide any incident support options or security updates. Microsoft is not offering a custom support agreement for these products.

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All things bright and beautiful…

I'll just leave this one at that.  

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