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Time to admit that I’ve been two-timin’ this blog.  Mostly because people on LJ dont care how big of a consummate nerd I am.  So… here’s my new-ish home:

and they leave fb and stuff there now and again.  Lots of opinions, but lots of just nerding out and fanfic on my part. And cat macros.  Sigh.  Yes, as if fanfic wasn’t bad enough.

So I can understand if you don’t want to be my friend any more.


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So sorry for sucking

Yeah, haven’t been doing what you could call “blogging” lately.  Been sick since I’ve been in LA.  Like… seriously.  First I had the Cold that Never Ends (yes it goes on and on my friends) Now I have some kind of stomach thing that is making me barfy all the time.

I just wanna be well!! WAA!!

And I want the weather to stay warm enough to break both legs and a wrist trying out my new rollerblades!

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blah :)

You’ve Experienced 64% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you’re already in your 40s, you’re probably wise beyond your years.

How Much Life Experience Do You Have?

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Which is faster-moving–Zombie-Ninjas, or Ninja-Zombies? Ninja Zombies would haveta be zombies that were somehow imbued with ninja skills. Zombie Ninjas would be Ninjas who were once living ninjas and who were killed and turned into zombies.

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…dude, seriously.

You know… Every day I come to hate PC’s more and more.  I’m a mac junkie, it’s well documented. Well, we just got this ipaq, which is all well and good. Especially considering we paid less than 1/4 the retail price for it. (floor model–never actually used as a floor model, they just opened the box and roughed up the documentation a little).  And I didn’t have any trouble setting it up for wireless and bluetooth, etc.  There’s just one catch–there is no mac sync software.  Ok, there’re a few more catches–it won’t log into certain sites (might be that it’s the previous version of the OS, who knows), won’t sync with a  mac without third party software for $40 a pop, and I can’t seem to find a messenger program that’ll run on it.

Granted it was supposed to be my husband’s but it was so cool being able to go on the intarweb on a widdle hand-held device, I had a good mind to steal it.

Oh well.  There’s always that Palm III sitting next to my desk, if i can figger out how to sync it with my machine.  It’s ancient, no back light and oldschool grey on slightly less grey LCD.  But hey, it plays bejeweled. Thats all that really matters.

Finally made it to the liquor store.  Horray, booze for everybody!

Thats about it for me.

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Which is faster-moving–Zombie-Ninjas, or Ninja-Zombies? Ninja Zombies would haveta be zombies that were somehow imbued with ninja skills.  Zombie Ninjas would be Ninjas who were once living ninjas and who were killed and turned into zombies.


ahh yes, bacon.  the meat that makes other meat taste good.

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Kitteny kittens

t’s a good thing my kitten’s cute as shit and I have a keyboard condom for my keyboard because Aggie is, once again, asleep upon it.  And yes, she’ll sleep through me sliding my fingers beneath her and typing.  I guess she thinks the weird movement tickles.  Seriously–the cuteness thing is a defense mechanism so you don’t kill ’em.  The 3 yr old just likes to sleep on my butt.  Why can’t Aggie want to just sleep on my butt? What is it with her and computers? If she’s not sitting on it, she’s gnawing on various parts. And it’s not like I can hit her with water, cuz, well, it’s my freakin’ computer. And apple has a $100 fee if the damage they’re repairing is due to water.

Ugh.  Now she’s got her paws under her head and she’s sleeping on her side like a toddler.  Stop. Being. Cute. Dammit.  I order you.

In other news, my alien zit that was taking up my whole face finally popped.  I’m four hours into my weekend and my mother hasn’t called and ruined it in any unique sort of ways yet, my bed is comfy, though I know my husband will disagree (he hates the sweedish mattress topper, but I’m sick, dammit) and I got a new shower curtain.

I have the dalek soap thingy, and I haveta glue the eye stock back on tomorrow (busted off in the luggage) and then I’m going to see what else I can do to infuse my bathroom with more daleks LOL. Maybe make a couple of color copies of daleks from books or something, and put ’em in frames in the bathroom.  Gotta take those fishies down from the sink, too, since we’re getting rid of the fishies theme.  I”m feeling all weird an OCD and I’m like… LETS DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! YAAY!!! even tho it’s almost 5am and I’m high on children’s mucinex.  horray for mucinex.  It makes me less full of snot!

(Oh god, now aggie’s doing the creepy sleeping with her eyes opened/rolled back into her head thingy)

More junkfood reports:

1) Bought the Twix but somehow managed to resist their evil lure.  It’s that time of the month, sue me.

2) Did not resist the lure of satan’s Famous Amos cookies.  Yum.

3) ALMOST had sweet potato fries for dinner.  Sept I burnt the damned things in the oven.  Conspiracy against me. I try NOT to use the smoke detector as the timer telling me dinner is done. Didn’t work out tonight.  Oh well, the fish was perfect, and I actually ate half my piece of fish.

4) Booze would have been awesomes.

5) OMG, I want twizzlers, like right the hell now! (Seriously–that time of the month? Just don’t stand between me and the junk food–I’ll have plenty of remorse tomorrow when the bloating goes down)

(crap–now she’s got her arm wrapped around mine and her head pressed against my wrist. It’s so effing cute I may go into  sugar shock, which is hopefully more fun than passing out from low blood sugar, which is just painful.  there’s a funny story about how I did that once at the old folks’ home.  Ok, it’s not funny, but it kinda is. What i’m trying to say is… aggie, yer killin’ me here. And I hear PK’s collar jingling not too far away. I sense that she’s in the cupboard, sleepinz on my clothez again)

6) BOOZE!! hahahahaha.  wish I had some.  See, I’ll never be a good alcoholic because I keep forgetting to buy booze, till I want some, and none of the state stores are open.  And I’m too cheap to buy more than one or two things at a time which doesn’t help.  And i’m too lazy to drink.  Except when I want a drink.  But I want a drink. And some twizzlers, and some chocolate cake.  look, just dont stand in the way of me and the cake. Unless you have those totally gross yet slightly yummy cheesy potatoes from taco bell with the nacho cheese and sour cream on them.  Heaven in a teeny styrophome container.

7) I still hate numbered lists.

8) I still have strawberries in the freezer.  If i can get my ass rollin’ on actually getting the blender out, i can makes me a smoothie tomorrow> Everybody likes smoothies. Aw hell, nevermind.  I used the last of the soy milk tonight.  i guess I can use the vanilla protein shake stuff and hope for the best. Or the chocolate.  Chocolate and strawberries, mmm.

9) What the hell is with my food obsession? And the potato obsession? I dont even LIKE potatos.

10) I have velvita cheese.  I’m going to do something slightly evil, but ultimately yummy tomorow with it. I dont know what it will be yet.

Now i’ve got both cats sleeping on me. It’s such a freakin’ conspiracy to kill me with their cuteness. Oh yeah and I keep hearing that getting kittens is the first step towards wanting babies for chicks… and dammit if it isn’t working.  I haveta keep reminding myself… but… i’m not sane enough for kids!  Stupid biological imperative to pass on my inferior genetics to some poor, unsuspecting child then spend eighteen to twenty years traumatizing the poor thing before he (or she) runs off and joins the circus.

Of course my husband will think this is a great thing.  He’s been wanting kids since we got married. And if it happens, it happens.  Lets just put it this way… I’m not making it not happen.  However, i’m not exactly trying to make it happen either.  But I think I like sleep too much to have little kids.  Yeah I’m a selfish bitch.  Cats are so much less work than people.  I feel like i can barely take care of myself. In fact, I feel like I’m not even doing a good job at that.  I haven’t taken my vitamins or sanity pills in several days all because I dont like swallowing pills. I was never this big of a baby in my life.  I’m sure not taking my pills and not getting to the gym often enough to make the membership worth it isn’t helping my cause.

I just wanna sleep all the time, till winter’s over.  Especially now that i’ve resigned myself to not graduating on time.  Huff.  My husband’s actually going to graduate undergrad before I’m done with my masters.  That’s SO depressing.  I wanna do my doctorate because I kind of do like research, and because I wanna make people I dont like call me Doctor (doing things for all the wrong reasons, it’s what I’m all about) and because I’d really like to hide in academia for a bit longer because I think I suck and can’t handle the real world. I just… well, suck.  I mean, look at me.  Look at what i do for a living.  Look at how long I’ve been there.  Obviously I’m broken in some very large sort of way.

Dalek plumber humor is always funny.

I’m falling asleeping while typing this so I’ll post and go off to the land of winky blinky and nodd.

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The smell of sleep deprivation

ets see, I’m sitting in the campus’ main building on the first floor.  Murmers from the students echo off the sandstone walls and buttresses making it quite loud in this dimly-lit slightly austeir grey cave and I smell burnt starbucks wafting up from the basement every time the metal doors open about twenty feet away from me.  It’s warm,  I smell like salty-sweat and I can barely keep my eyes open.  Grand reminder of the days I’d work midnight-8am then would have to somehow hold on until my 12:30 pm class.

Good times.  Trying to stay awake for Greek tragidy.

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Car 54…

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(Another show I remember watching over my grandmother’s house as a kid…wow. My grandmothers on both sides corrupted me with ancient TV as a child)

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