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And the horse you road in on.

It’s time for my mother to worry about dying again. She’s doing all this will stuff with the lawyer. She’s got some health stuff she’s waiting for results back on, and of course she’s like… oh my god, i’m dying, and your dad can’t take care of your sister because he’s an incompetent wanktard (which I’m not disagreeing with)… so she’s asked me and my husband to take her if anything happens to her *rolls eyes* yes we’ll take her. What am I going to do? Not take her? God if dad has to be in charge of doing so much as making sure she gets three squares (weevils optional–you’re a real nerd if you get it) shell be dead in a week. And she’s talking about what she wants to do with all her stuff. I’m like.. I dont know, I dont care. I dont want it, I dont need it. Give my brother the jewlery he bought you, I’d kinda like my piano, seeing as how its mine and all, and the china closet that also happens to be mine and is sitting in your dining room (story i’m bitter about).

I’m so tired. There’s not enough caffine in all the world. I’m glad i made hot chocolate and took it into the meeting. Since I’m not allowed to drink booze at work it kind of helped me survive. I’ll eat a protein bar or something, hope that gives me a little energy, and hope for the best. I’ve officially used my last tea bag of good tea, it’s all down hill from here. Tealy and Lipton. I had a bag of the Tealy last night… wretched stuff. I’m so glad I got it for free because I’d be pissed if I had spent actual money on it. I have a pouch of decaf I can make, I suppose. But that’d require acctually using the coffee maker, I think. And that’s frightening. It smells all the time because no one cleans it and the inside’s white from calcium deposits. Dude, it freaks me out.

I almost put non-dairy creamer in my tea, which would just be wrong. While it’d be comforting in a weird way, it’d add absolutely no nutritional value to the tea while still adding fat and crap I dont need.

It warmed up to a balmy 8F or something today. Haveta make myself go to the gym. If it’s above 3F I’m going to just have to force myself to go, no matter how much I dont want to get my feet all cold and shit. It takes me forever to warm up after being out in the snow.

Thats about it for me.

I’ll just go crawl into my hole and die now.


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Can I have a whine??

Ok, I need to whine about shoes now.

1) Why is it so tough to find a pair of boots that don’t have four inch heels? Seriously–what the hell good are they?? Other than to make you look adorable when you’re falling on your ass on the sidewalk??

2) Other than Uggs.  Why can you only find boots with no heels that’re freakin’ fluffy-ass Uggs. Ug for ugly.  Seriously.  Effing Aye.  Unless you have twiggy legs the only purpose of those shoes is to make your calves look ginormous.

3) Why can’t I find cute shoes in my size? Why when you go into a department store, or any store for that matter, they stop right before my size?

4) What the hell’s the deal with the one thing they have in sizes larger than my size–Converse, they never have in my size?  They always say sorry, we have a nine and we have an eleven.   Ok, does that mean that there’re so many people with size 10 feet that they can’t keep them in stock, or no one has size ten feet but me, so they don’t stock them? If everybody has size 10 feet, why can’t I walk into a store and get a nice, attractive pair of women’s shoes that don’t look like something my grandmother would wear–plain, boring, and careful of her bunyons.

5) Shoes suck.  OK, my converse, which are the best pairs of converse in the world, are awesome.  But theyr’e cold in the winter and they’re currently soaking wet from being out in the snow, and I just want to know why women’s shoes only go up to size nine, unless you’re at freakin’ Walmart or Target.

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Winter am dum. And stuff.

Seriously.  Look at this sh-t.

That was taken from my street.  Dude, I seriously, seriously seriously need to move somewhere warmer. By the time I was done cleaning off the car this morning, I looked like a powdered doughnut.


This is my blue tooth keyboard.  It is better than your keyboard.



My kitten when we first got her.  Those’re six inch blocks on the floor, if that gives you an idea of how small and adorable she was.  Now she’s a miniature holy terror.  Good thing she’s still cute, or we’da killed her.


And thats it.  While I have the page open of photos from my phone, I should, perhaps, put the pics from Chicago on here.  Or maybe, oh, I dont know. Get the pics from ChicagoTardis off of here before we, like, go to Gallifrey in LA in a few weeks.  Yeah, I’m a big nerd, I know.

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Day of the Ninja

Did you know that yesterday was The Day of the Ninja? yah.  totally.  Next year I will need to participate.  It’s the one day of the year that non-jas get to be ninjas.

Came home from work sick.  I at least waited until I barfed the second time, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.   Random barfing isn’t fun.

This is awesomes:

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…may I have a whine?

I was just asking to be polite. It’s my blog, I’ll whine if I want to.

The weather is just making me nuts.  I never really handle winter well for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is probably seasonal depression.  Winds have been like 60mph all day.  There was a torrent of rain at some point this morning and I told my husband… power’s gunna go out.  I was only surprised it took so long.  Was out for a few hours.  Fortunately we had the laptops fully charged, so we could watch Torchwood while the interweb was bwoken.

It was tough to drive home tonight.  It was like hyrdroplaining… on air. Kind of like that feeling just as the jet takes off. Got a piece of siding beating against the side of the house… last set of wind storms tore a piece of siding loose.  REALLY annoying at night, especially since the cats like to keep stealing my earplugs (eww).

I always have trouble thinking up what I want for holidays and stuff.  I was thinking today… maybe an automatic car starter for the winter.  But then it dawned on me… that’s like saying I intend to be here for another winter.  I swear… I don’t know how I’m going to survive all the gloom and doom this winter, much less if I have to do another one.

Whenever it rains, I try to tell myself “well, it could be snowing,” since I hate snow more… but it’s just not working any  more.  I’m tired and bummed.


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Kvetching like a little old lady

I have something I’d like to take a moment to whine about.

We killed Superman and brought him back.  Ok, that was a huge gimic , and he wasn’t dead all that long.  He was killed with the intent of resurrection. Green Arrow was resurected by Hal (I think–can’t remember much about that Kevin Smith storyline except for thinking it was weird to hear Batman talking about having snow down the front of his Osh Koshes)… Then Hal gets resurrected.  Eeeeeverybody in the DCU–death’s less than perminant.  Including Jason Todd, whom they swore on a stack of bibles they’d never resurrect.  I think it was heather that said the only problem with Jason Todd being alive was that it made him less dead.  Which is true.

Now they’ve gone and brought back Joey from Teen Titans… who’s been dead for, like, 15 or 20 years.

I think I’ve figured it out–death isn’t really death in the DCU, so much as a vacation from living.

That being said, I’d like to take some death time.  Maybe a year or so to recover from grad school.  I can take a little dirt nap and when I’m feeling better, I can get ressurected through silly and contrived means.

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It’s pink shiny smily face day

I was about to whine about how I had no whine catagory, but then I saw that I’d combined whine and growly.

I had something to say, but by the time the page loaded, I completely forgot what it was.  Uh… drinking pumpkin flavored coffee.  The coffee itself is kind of burnt. I should know better than to get coffee at the gas station if it isn’t early in the morning, namely because that stuff’s been sitting there since this morning.  Oh well.  My tea mug isn’t clean, but it doesn’t have mold growing in it, which is always a plus (sanitary conditions are what I’m all about).

Anything else going on in my life? OH yeah, I’ve dedicated myself to catching up on homework tonight and tomorrow.  *rolls eyes* Yeah, I’m behind again.  I figured it out last night though.  I’m behind because I’m so bored.  It’s busy work at this point.

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AFTER my staff benefit was applied, I owe $1,602.58 for my tuition.
I can see the future…

I see a lot of Mac n Cheese in it.

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Divine Heat Stroke.

It was in the 80's when we went to bed Monday night.  We tried to turn on the air, but it didn't seem like the place was cooling down even though the air was blowing. When we got up yesterday morning, I checked out the AC unit–stupid thing wasn't even kicking on. Oh happy day.  Went to my voice lesson then to oakland, where I had to, of course, park at the ass end of oakland and walk to the library which was, thankfully, air conditioned, however the stupid photocopier (my reason for going) only accepted 1's and most of my $$ was in 5's, so I didn't even get copied everything I needed to copy…then I had to trek back to my car, which somehow ended up being uphill both ways. 

I came home after that, and my failed attempt to drop stuff off at st. vincent depaul (their big blue bin was gone, and I had like six bags, and I didn't have time to drive all the way into the back and exhaust myself in the heat (mid-90's) dragging this stuff up their huge back driveway. So after determining they had no My Little Pony dolls, I went home to get James' pills so we could eat dinner together and he could become saner through pharmacology. Temperature in the living room? 90 degrees. So I take James his dinner, then decide to go to the gym.  They're air conditioned and lovely and stuff.  They won't even let anyone touch the thermostat. It stays at 65 degrees no matter what.  

Temperature at the gym?? 88 degrees.  Their air is broke too.  So I was SO tired and hot  and stuff but I worked out. I figured, hey, God doesn't want me to be some place cool.  If he did, all my efforts to go to some place cool would not be thwarted 🙂 I'll just work out, cuz i'm here, then I'll go home, take a shower and go to the mall.  I hear they have wifi in the food court now. Of course, I have ADD, so it wasn't like I got there or anything. 

Came home, took a shower, it was probably about four degrees cooler outside, so I decided to take care of some yard work that's been making my front lawn look like hell all spring… yes, I took a shower THEN did lawn work.  The shower was mostly to cool own a little.  Got that stuff done, drank two 32 oz glasses of water and ate some food, crashed till it was time to pick up James, then spent the night dying of the heat until morning. 

I covered over the blinds with a blanket on the side of the house where the sun rises, which did keep the bedroom cooler a little longer this morning. I wasn't feeling too well when I got to work.  I felt better after some gatoraid, and was doing pretty well up until I had ta go to an appt with my nutritionist.  And yes, you guessed it.  No air conditioning in the waiting room.  A waiting room full of sweaty, anxious people.  God wants me to be stinky.  That's the only explination. 

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I guess I should start with a non-complaint: my lawn mower, though a gas guzzler, starts right the heck up.


Maybe it's all the rain we've had here for the last few weeks, but my lawn has all these divits in it, and its so uneaven that you really have to force the mower around.   I was sweating like my grandfather out there, pushing it. In the mid-day heat. Oh crap, I'm turning into my  grandfather.  It's his mower! I blame the mower!

I read a quote at the gym today that said something about not being afraid of hard work because no one ever drowned in sweat.  I almost did today.  My grandfather sweats buckets and buckets when he does.  I had to keep wiping my eyes with my gloves and even then I had sweat drops all over my glasses.  

Totallly… I think I have heat stroke or something.  I'm gunna go crawl into a hole and die. My grandfather would be proud.

My Family(TM): Doing things the hardest way possible since nineteen hundred and something. (r) 

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