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The mysteries of the grocery store

I am fascinated by the way stores are layed out.  What they put where… and their reasons.  My latest bit of insanity was at Slop and Slave (names changed to protect the guilty)…Start of the aisle goes somthing like… bake mixes, flour, chocolate chips, mince meat, nutella, pudding, nuts, pie crusts.

Mince meat.  yeah. I didn’t make that up.  The worst part is, the mince meat and te nutella are the same color. Its  a little disturbing.  Lik the sandwich combo you never want to encounter.


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My food collection

I forgot to eat my dinner at work tonight.  Just wasn’t all that appealing looking.  Getting a little burnt out on the frozen dinners, but kind of don’t have a choice, at least until finals are over.  Peanutbutter sandwiches are too tough right now.

So towards the end of the night I decided to put the thing in the fridge–then I’ll have it to eat tomorrow and that’ll save me having to bring in a lunch.  I open the refrigerator up, and what should I see but saturday’s frozen dinner sitting in the box, staring at me all abandoned and forlorn.

Turns out I’m not actually eating my lunches, I’m just collecting them.  Maybe I can build a house of cards out of them in a couple of weeks.

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A post of many tags

Oh yes.

1) I ate a fruit cup and half a PB&J sammich!! YAAY!! That’s like, an accomplishment for me lately. I think I’m going to have to switch to creamy PB, which takes the fun out of life right there, but I think the nut pieces are irritating my stomach.  You’d think I’d be skinnier.  But I’m not.

2) Started putting up Christmas decorations.  Went OCD on the tree with the ornaments, making sure it was all… balanced.  BTW, Just so the world knows, I totally have dibs on the book title “The Feng Shui of Christmas.”  It’s going to be a womens’ magazine kinda thing  about how balanced energies and decorations will make your house all calm and peaceful for the holidays and therefore you’ll have a perfect holiday and your life will be perfect henceforth. You know, like every stinkin’ magazine article in those things.  Anyways… spent like an hour, maybe two, dinking with the ornaments.  There may not be a spare branch.  Then I get everything all balanced and pretty, my Principles of Design teacher would be proud… and I go to get a box of decorations to put up the wall hangings… and damnit, don’t you know I find another small box of ornaments?? Now I get to go thru this all again.  I’m SO OCD.

3) The 5th is Day of the Ninja.  It’s the day where Non-jas get to be ninjas.  WAY better than Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I think that’s it. The nerdology tag is just because people are using my ‘triple nerd score’ phrase now.  And my XYZ section break system.  It’s good to be on the cutting edge of… well, the cutting edge.  And not that skating movie, either.

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Altoids: the devil’s food.

It’s bad enough that they have about 64 types of Altoids in the checkout line at K-Mart (which is all weird and crap–did you know they sell appliances now?? It’s like a mini-Sears, which I guess is fitting–they’re now owned by Sears, I think).  Then I haveta go find the sugar-free “smalls” Which, annoyingly enough are about 1/3 the size of the regular Altoids tin, but cost the same price.  Ok, whatever, fine.  I like all the ones but the original (pepermint reminds me of Christmas, and that just makes me sad), but one thing I don’ tlike is the sticky aftertaste.  So I pick up the Cinamon ‘Toids this afternoon and finally busted ’em open just now.  Geeze man crap.  H-O-T.  SO HOT.  Not spicy and refreshing.  Hydrochloric acid on my widdle tongue.

Does that stop me from eating them??


That’s the truely disturbing part.  I haven’t had any solid food all day, but dammit–gotta eat all the damned Altoids. Grr, Arg.

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So… we know I hate food, right?

Yeah. Haven’t had much of an apetite for about a month.  I don’t know… I’m hungry… jus, nothing tastes good. I have no desire to spend the time and effort necessary to consume food.  You’d think I’d lose weight or something, but noooo. Anyways… Every time I fill up my water bottle at work, I look at the rainbow twizzlers… it’s like the My Little Pony of candy.  It’s all sweet and innocent and fluffy looking. And I [heart] twizzlers. Especially nibs.  Oh Nibs… how I heart thee. Of course, I haven’t really had any desire to eat them either, but I just know, in my heart, I love Nibs. So, I finally said, ok, I’m gunna get them today.  Cuz food’s food.  And I’m looking at a frozen dinner that just looks like too much effort to reheat and actually put into my face.

…Rainbow Twizzlers….


First of all, they have the consistancy and color of Playdo. Eww. Second… there’s only 5 in the entire pack… and they’re shorter than regular twizzlers, that come in two rows.  Jipolsky, lemme tell ya.

I swear.  Every time I eat ANYTHING, I’m just reminded of why I hate food.  I mean… I had chocolate… DARK CHOCOLATE sitting on my desk for over a week.  I’d look at it, and think of how much I USED to like it… then not eat it.  Finally I was getting alittle light headed one night when I didn’t feel like eating my dinner, or forgot it, or something, and I ate five “funsize” dark chocolate bars, and didn’t even enjoy it.

Everything’s awful. What the hell? I have never, in all of my life, lost my appetite.  My mom could tell you, I was a world-class eater as a kid.  which makes this whole thing perplexing.

Honestly, if it wern’t for protein bars and shakes (which’re easy and small to eat–little commitment of time and energy, but stop that whole spiraling blood sugar thing), I think my hair would be falling out right about now.  I can drink about half of an 8 oz bottle of V8 (which I normally LOVE) before I’m just like… ok, I’m done.  And I haveta make myself drink the rest so I can get something resembling nutrients once in a while.  Salad sucks, meat sucks, bread sucks, nuts suck, everything’s horridable and awful.  Even when I try eating something on the “naughty” list because I normally like it, and I’m trying to just trick myself into eating, I don’t want it. I actually gave my sister my icecream cone at Kennywood. I think I mostly wanted to go through the act of buying the icecream cone. Kind of the way I like to stand in front of the vending machine at work. It makes me feel like I could eat junk food, if I wanted to eat anything at all.  But then I just get sad because everything looks yucky.  I WANT to like it,  but, ultimately, it’s just yucky.  The cookies from subway… the first 8th of the cookie was good. And I [heart] cookies, especially theirs. I never get ’em cuz they’re bad. but I was like… geeze, COME ON. I should be deriving something resembling pleasure from a freakin’ COOKIE.  I should at least be thinking… yum. It’s good that there’re cookies in the universe. But no.  I’m thinking… geeze, how much did I spend on this?? It’s a damned shame… cuz now I’m gunna throw it out… hamburgers, fish, onion rings… steamed veggies…  i maen.. the whole kit and kaboodle.  It’s yucky.

Dude… why’s everything yucky??

Can anyone reccomend something that doesn’t suck?

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Food hate.

And once again, I’m a failure at eating. I just hate everything and everything’s yucky.  We went out to eat… didn’t really eat much. I dont even think I tasted what I did eat. Tried to eat dinner… glad I started off with the protein shake because that’s all I managed to make myself eat.  Two bites of my sandwich and that was it for me.  Had a sandwich for dinner and an apple.  I”m still hungry, and I’m mitherbal that I’m hungry, but I dont wanna actually go through the effort of eating. I’ve been like this, and getting gradually moreso for like a month. Mostly I’m just annoyed that getting rid of the “hungry” feeling would mean actual eating. That’s so… unhappy.  Oh yeah, and that I haven’t like… lost weight. Waa. And double waa.

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Oh taco bell, how I would eat your greasy goodness…

If only you were opened past 1 around here, and if only I hadn't gotten a call at 12:02when I was supposed to be leaving at 12:00, and if only said call had not lasted until 12:44. Oh taco bell, I long for thee. 

or those Hershey Kisses with the almonds inside.  

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The chocolate cookies of the yum.

3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup margarine**
1/2 cup sugar + 3 tablespoons sugar ****
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons oats

Preheat oven to 350 degrees mix sugar and dry ingrediants first, then add margarin and vanilla. Will be firm. Removing a heaping tablespoon-full and roll into a ball then flatten slightly.  Will be 1in high, 2in/diameter. Bake for 14 minutes until the top is cracked.  The top being cracked will be the only real indication that it’s done. Makes 12 cookies. Exactly.  Don’t eat the batter, though I know you wanna.
**I had good success by removing one tablespoon of margarin and adding one tablespoon of olive oil, they seemed to retain their moisture better.    They’re a little crispier with all margarin, and they’re positively chalky with all olive oil.  Go figure.

****I know it’s a weird amount of sugar, but it seems to kill the baking powder taste to just put in a few tablespoons more.  Originally this recipe called for semi-sweet morsals, so the extra granulated sugar seems to compensate for that. It also didn’t have as much vanilla, either and the oats were steel-cut instead of plain old Quakers.  Sue me. I have to put my stamp on everything.

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Recipe of goodness

I have been asked for the recipe for the chocolate chips that went over so well last week.  So, here goes!

  • 1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips

You know the drill, mix the butter, sugars, egg and vanilla in one bowl, dry ingredients in the other, slowly fold in the dry ingredients then fold in the chips.  Use cooled cookie sheets for each batch.  Bake at 350 until golden.

Since you’re using milk chocolate chips, which are much sweeter than the typical semi-sweet chips, you use less sugar.  Since you’re using less sugar and the same amt of butter, the bottoms get dark and carmelize (they have a tendancy to burn easier because of this), but the insides stay chewy.  It’s a little bit of everything, crunchy, sweet, chewy…  They’re full of goodness 🙂

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Riding the Magic Supplements Bus.

One of the chiropractors in our group (did I mention that I [heart] my chriopractor lately?) does the whole nutritionist gig too and James went to see him on Tuesday.

They wanna start him on $110 worth of suplements to make him fully functional. Sounds like a racket to the average human bean.

As much as I [heart ] my chriopractor ( note to self: make everybody at that office cookies), I’m always cautious about suplements. I didn’t even start taking a multi vitamin regularly until this fall, and begrudgingly added a B complex vitamin to my regime at the reccomendation of my dietician.  I think sometimes we see vitamins as a substitute for eating real/good food, so I’d kind of rather not rely on them.  I know I’m just shy of getting scurvy since I’m doing double duty with school and work so I never eat a “real” meal that I actually cooked.  Therefore I should just kind of let this one go, at least until school is over.

One of the things that they want him to take, though, is a multivitamin combo that’ll hopefully help him eat veggies and fruit again.  James basically lives on carbs, meat and junk food.  Fruit makes his throat itch and veggies make his insides go nuts. So, y’know, if some magic vitamins can help that, all the better because he’d be able to get other nutrients from actual fruits and veggies, frightening though that may be.  It’s also supposed to increase his energy and metabolism and all that good stuff so he can exercise and have it actually do something.  That’d be good too.

There are a couple of others that he can take in the hopes of getting off of the depression and ADD meds.  That I’m a little more hinky about trying.  The depression meds, at least, are working.  Same with  me.  I’m a bit lax to stop a good thing.  It would be NICE to stop taking them, because I don’t like putting things in my body that arn’t supposed to be there.  I don’t take antibiotics unless I’m at the end of my homeopathic rope.  One of the reasons I’ll never use the pill and think very little of it is because I don’t want to take something that’s going to monkey with my hormones unnaturally. I mean… increased cancer risk, acne, every other nasty side-effect and religious reasons aside… Have you READ the list of possible “side-effects” and “complications” for some of these things? It’s enough to make me think that child birth without an epidural is a GOOD thing.
But with the brain chemistry thing… damn. I like being on an even keel.  Not being suicidal all the freaking time is swell, really it is.  Course, who knows what wretched things it’s doing to me in the long term.  I probably have colonies of splotches growing on my liver and my innards probably glow a healthy radioactive green.

So, hey. I’m cautiously optimistic.  I figure we’ll try the multivitamin first, and move on from there.  James is going to die of some wretched disease that’s not seen any more in the industrialized world because of his lack of green food and I can feel his arteries hardening all the way down the road, inside my office, from  his lack of exercise.

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