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Catagorize this!

Yeah, it was time for a new catagory.  Figures, I just got rid of weird and combined it with crazy, and then I go and add another one. But seriously… I’m having head exploding issues lately.  Like the grammar thing.

Ok… I’m just going to throw this stuff out there.  I’m not really going to comment on it.  See if it makes you feel as yucky inside as it makes me feel.  I’m shuddery even.

1) We remember last week when I posted all of those search terms by which people had found my little corner of the web.  Lemme refresh your memory, especially because there is a theme to this list I’m making here.  And to spare you, I’ll only throw out a highlight:

“nascar slash fanfic.”

Stoping right there with that one.

2) In my random searching for something else entirely, I discovered a site of about 50 Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who crossover fanfics.  Every single one was Daniel Jackson/9th Doctor slash.

3) Bible fan fiction.  You know.  Fan fiction OF the Bible.  Yeah.


September 16, 2006 Posted by | things that will make your head explode | 2 Comments