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(Another show I remember watching over my grandmother’s house as a kid…wow. My grandmothers on both sides corrupted me with ancient TV as a child)


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Points of interest.

Firstly of all-ly…shoes of awesomely goodness:

Just got these yesterday. Once again, internet, my shoes are better than your shoes.
Next: Uhh… I dunno. Internship for school, bla bla bla, feel my life (like I have one right now) draining away, trying to get up the nerve to finish the short story I started, some other stuff, got a bunch of My Little Ponys for Christmas…. stuff and more stuff…

And that’s it I think. Nothing interesting going on besides my awesome shoes.

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My cats are on drugs

Seriously, the little one was spazin’ out all morning.  Pouncing on everything and nothing, quite literally.  Ghost dust or something.  I dont know.  The older cat would beat her down and she’d just go right back to acting up.  Finally I went down stairs to feed them, thinking maybe that’d at least distract her, and I saw when I made coffee yesterday I spilled some coffee beans on the counter and not noticed… Betcha she ate some of ’em.  Cuz she’s been a little crack monkey all day.

Other stuffs…

1) My mother is crazy. Just thought I’d throw that one out there.  I’ll leave you with these two quotes of holiday goodness.  “Merry Christmas, mother fuckers!” and the similar but slightly different…”Merry Christmas…you BITCH!”   Yeah.  She’s nuts.

2) I’m hungry.  Just thought I’d share.

3) I have no syrup. This is a problem.

4) Had a coat malfunction…james wanted me to just get that one fixed, but it was too big anyways and I’d be without it while it was being fixed, and it was freakin’ cold last week.  So I solved the problem by buying two coats.  The leather coat zips. I’ve always wanted a leather coat that zips. I’m not sure why the zipping is important.

5) I like pie.  Last night I had a dream about a pie that was chocolate cream in the middle and pecan pie on the top.  Messed up, huh? I want some.

6) What the hell CAN you do with a stopwatch? STILL belaboring over this.  I can’t think of anything besides timed cleaning and strip chess.

7) Sarah Jane Adventures on New Years! Squee!

8) Doctor Who for Christmas! Double Squee!

9) Need new batteries for sonic screwdriver.  Ran them out already.  I [heart] toys for grownups.

10) I also [heart] captain jack and daleks.

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Just gunna throw this one out there.

seriously–i had the bluetooth headset on, forgot the phone in the car and was talking to charlie in the kitchen when it started getting crackly.

and i was like… what the hell… then I was like, wait, the phone’s in the car.

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Uh… where was I?

I think I promised to detail the rest of my trip, then got caught up in something and wasn’t able to.

1) Was surprised at the low level of freaks at the con.  Had a great final day and a half, then we spent a day in the city walking our feet off and taking all kinds of groovy pictures.

(and those were both from my camera phone–imagine how awesome it will be when I get the actual photos off my camera.  That’s a whole four megapixles you’ll have to be hold, baybee!)

2) I think the cats have finally established a pecking order.  Aggie is on top, for some reason.  She can’t weight more than a loaf of bread… she’s only 8 weeks old, but she prances around roaring like a little lioness. PK keeps trying to beat her down, but little Aggie just doesn’t seem to get it.  It’s terribly cute, though.  Except for when they start fighting just for attention.

3) NaNoWriMo is finally over.  Gots myself a cute little icon of finishation.  Will haveta post it eventually.

4) Uh… thats it, I think. For now.  Till I talk to my family and have something else to complain about.

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…So, where have I been?

yeah, bad blogger, no banana.  Other than [hearting] on Captain Jack (my continued reason for living–he’s like Peter from Office Space, but with guns), what’s been going on in my life?

1) Properly medicated for the moment.  I’m now on two antidepressants! YAAY! Life aint perfect (no magic pill for that), but it’s at least tolerable, and I don’t look at everything in my life and say oh, nothing matters, we all die eventually anyways.

2) Due to this, I’m closer to being caught up on homework (yippee!)

3) Went to Kennywood on Sunday…had a nice time, met a cool lady with a knee problem who adopted us as her family and got us past all the lines (which were insano long)…funny-ish story.  On one of the walk-through attractions, I was looking up at the eyeballs on the cieling of the gazebo and missed all three steps and twisted my ankle up something fierce.  Discombobulated my person too, and it took two trips to the chiropractor to get straightened out.  I was going first tho, so better me than our lady, Ceil.  I guess I served a purpose after all.  Wouldn’t that be funny (in a slightly sad kind of way) if all that I was put on this earth to do was to fall off that gazebo, so that she wouldn’t?  I guess I can die now, if I’ve performed my primary function.

4) Obsessing over Doctor Who/Torchwood.  Mostly because of the Dalek/Captain Jack obsession.  This is practically a full time job.

5) Werkin

6) Kinda, sorta working out.  I should be getting to the gym 3 times a week, in additon to other forms of physical activity, but I’ve been managing two since the surgery.  Schedule’s just too crazy with James at school.  Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow.  I wouldn’t hold your breath or anything, but y’know. Everybody likes wishful thinking.

7) NOT cleaning my house.  Dude.  Seriously.

8) Only have a few Halloween decorations up.  It’s getting on in the month, so I better move my little butt, but I’m just starting to get my umf back. Being depressed takes a lot of energy, apparently.

9) Indulging in my secret shame, which shall go unmentioned here.  I just never talk about it… too embarrasing.  Which is sad, because the whole intarweb knows I [heart] Captain Jack.

10) Whippin’ out the winter clothes.  Da hell?  It was in the 70’s when we went to Kennywood (the happiest place on earth) on Sunday.  Monday and Tues were good, then BAM suddenly it’s the tail end of fall with the coldness, just shy of actual winter.  We’re skipping the whole pretty colors on the trees thing and going straight from green to bare in a lot of places.  It’s a bit much, if you have seasonal depression.  I am just climbing out of one funk, and I’m steeling myself for the next.

11) And I need a nap.  But I always need a nap.

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The greatest avitar in the history of the human race

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What’s my line?

Dude, seriously, I had this thing that I was going to blog about, but then by the time I hit the button and it loaded… poof. Gone.

Uhh… random stuff:

1) I seek to one day have a real, fulfilling existance.  I believe this is the key to stopping my nerd-out attacks. I mean, who wants a t-shirt that says I [heart] Daleks, anyway? I fear I’ve become a mouth-breathing greasy nerd that shows up at fan conventions before they open and refer to the actors by their first names. I mock those people.  And yet I am those people. *head in hands* You see why I need a life.

2) Looking forward to Sunday.  First day off in two weeks.  Since I’ve come back from having surgery, I’ve had exactly one day off.  Horray for mandatory overtime!

3) Sorry.  Still [heart]ing the daleks. I keep trying not to, but I think about them exterminating people, and I think about how gewed this is, and… well, I just can’t help it.

4) I’ve almost got my outline done for the class I’m teaching at the library.  Like a month in advance.  This is an overview type thing.  I have a bad feeling that I’m going to bomb this thing and the kids’ll hate me.  They’re junior highschoolers, their whole purpose in life is  to make adults cry.  And I’m trying to cover the entire chasm that is “creative writing.”  I’m gunna start ’em with creative non fiction and poetry, cover a little poetry every time, then work into fiction.  So, yeah. Doomed.

5) Monkey the kitty cost $250 to keep alive and healthy for just one more day.  You know, until he tries to claw my head again and I turn him into kitty pie. Woulda been half that, but he needed meds.  Of course he did.  I’m tight on money, so he needs meds.  Lemme just tell you–I wouldn’t pay $88 on a prescription for ME.  I’d just suffer in silence or possibly die of whatever affliction required me to pay $88 to save my own life. SERIOUSLY considering pet insurance.

6) I’m wigging out.  A day off may help with this.

7) I know James hates the mattress topper, and it’s annoying how you have to push it back on the bed every day because it slid around a little, but I still like it. So meahhh.

8) I’m made out of pudding and aluminum foil.

9) Moo.

10) I hope to one day have self esteem.  That’ll be a cool day.

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I’m made out of sweedish fish.

And sometimes cheese.

SO tired.  This is day… 8 of my 13 day work week.  Awesome, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too.

I’m a sad and pathetic nerd.  I hope to one day have a fulfilling existance, but until then, nerding out on stuff that makes sane people cringe will have to do.

Carry on.

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Have you [hearted] Captain Jack today??

Yeah, it’s 11:25. In an ideal world, I’d still be asleep right now.  I’ve been up since 8:30 which is cruel and unusual.  But really. I’ve figured out finally why i [heart] captain jack.  He’s Peter from Office Space, but with guns and flirting (or dinner and dancing, if you prefer, ouch, broke my nerd on that one).  I need a Captain Jack montage.  Since I don’t have iMovie (I don’t believe in paying for software–if I can’t get a license thru work, or it’s not freeware, I don’t need it), I’ll haveta settle for this:

The only thing that makes me sad is that I [heart] both Captain Jack and Daleks.  I also fear daleks, but I [heart] daleks. And Daleks killed Captain Jack briefly. Maybe if Captain Jack WAS a Dalek…

Don’t mind me.  I’ve not had much sleep, and I am made almost entirely out of cheese. I’m also one percent plastic, but that’s just the wrapper.

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