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Talk about taking the wind out of my pants-crapping sails.

I was busy crapping my pants in my husband’s direction saying he’d never everrrrr guess who’d be joining the cast of Heroes in January (and like, seriously, if you arn’t watching it–you should be. It’s amazingly awesomely awesome)…. and he already knew.


He knew and he didn’t tell me.



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Stuff that makes ya go *squee*

I’d say not in a fan grrl kinda way, but I’d be lying.

1) Totally flipped my lid when Chloe gives clark this speach about taking the world on his shoulders, and there’re people who want to help, and I’m like *huh?* then Chloe walks away and Clark steps on an Oreo. I was squeeing “Martian Manhunter!!!” all night. *Squee* I dont know why that makes me squee, it’s sort of unbecoming, because I mock those who squee. But for some reason I get giddy with the thought of the Martian Manhunter on Smallville

2) My cat actually squeed this morning when my husband opened the can of shrimp with cod oil food. She was on it before he even put the bowl on the ground. Totally unbecoming.

3) Martian Manhunter!! (Hey, I haven’t dropped a load in admiration of captain jack or daleks in like… a week.. let me have this…)

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Kvetching like a little old lady

I have something I’d like to take a moment to whine about.

We killed Superman and brought him back.  Ok, that was a huge gimic , and he wasn’t dead all that long.  He was killed with the intent of resurrection. Green Arrow was resurected by Hal (I think–can’t remember much about that Kevin Smith storyline except for thinking it was weird to hear Batman talking about having snow down the front of his Osh Koshes)… Then Hal gets resurrected.  Eeeeeverybody in the DCU–death’s less than perminant.  Including Jason Todd, whom they swore on a stack of bibles they’d never resurrect.  I think it was heather that said the only problem with Jason Todd being alive was that it made him less dead.  Which is true.

Now they’ve gone and brought back Joey from Teen Titans… who’s been dead for, like, 15 or 20 years.

I think I’ve figured it out–death isn’t really death in the DCU, so much as a vacation from living.

That being said, I’d like to take some death time.  Maybe a year or so to recover from grad school.  I can take a little dirt nap and when I’m feeling better, I can get ressurected through silly and contrived means.

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I’m glad Jason Todd’s alive too.

A post totally devoid of Daleks.

Isn’t Shortpacked keen?

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Crap. They’re on to me.

I think this pretty much sums up my family’s experiece with science fairs, and the way the projects really get done.

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Superman and Spider-man should get together and beat you up.

And thus sayeth Joel:

Superman is a no-talent ass clown like Peter Parker. 

I am completely telling them you said that.

But seriously, why are you hating on the nerds?? What have they ever done to you? It’s not Superman’s fault that there’s a goofball living underneath all that invulnerability and such.  All he wants to do is get up on saturday morning, eat cerial out of a mixing bowl and watch saturday morning cartoons.  Is that too much to ask for?

And Peter… well, ok. He’s a science nerd.  You have me there.

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An Open Letter To Bryan Singer,

Dear Mr. Singer,

While I bow before thy altar, and have forsaken all other idols, including George Lucas and Joss Whedon, I do have one question to ask of my Lord, should he see fit to answer.

…Couldn’t there have been a hand/foot double for Kate Bosworth? Her fingernails and toenails creep me out, man.

–A devoted follower.

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Superman Returns… wow.  I don’t even know if I can give a good report. I have to scrape my jaw off my chest.  All the stuff that could freak you out, or be bad… they wern’t bad.  At all. Awesomes. And it can sit right on the shelf next to Batman Begins.

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Spidy, say it aint so!!

Thanks to Ted for sending an email… no, I hadn't heard about this. 

Spidy's coming out of the superhero closet!!!! 

I've been thinking that Marvel's "civil war" might turn out to be the most un-stunt-like stunt ever perpetrated by the big two, till this.  Come on, he's spidy.  He can grow up, get married, become an Avenger, come out to Aunt May, Aunt May can get it on with Jarvis, but for heavens sakes!!! The whole world can't know he's Spider-man!

What is this world coming to?  

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Wow. Oodles of noodles of feedback on the X3 thing. We actually went to see it with my brother (which was fun and awesome–I don’t get to spend enough time with him). The showing was full of nerds. I think they did the most clapping for the manager’s announcement of Superman Returns tickets being on sale now, including tickets for the IMAX and the trailer for said movie.

James didn’t like the dumbing down of the Phoenix Saga. Personally, I’m indifferent. I know they can’t cram 40 years of X-history into 3 movies, but this might have been a bit over simplified. I also didn’t like just how detached from the bulk of the story Rogue was (and she didn’t fly. Dammit–I wanna see her fly, is that too freaking much to ask for?). It kind of seemed like a loose end that she wasn’t as involved as she had been in other movies, especially at the end, but I’ll cope. I guess.


10. Logan capping Jean. For some reason I derived great pleasure from this.

9. The total destruction of Jean’s childhood home. That was just fun and cool. I liked that it happened in a pristine suburban neighborhood. It showed just how uncivilized the situation had become, and how it was no longer ignorable by the general populace.

8. The severed Sentinal head. That was just freaking cool. Oh yeah, and Logan lighting his cigar off of a flaming piece of wreckage. That was also awesome.

7. Storm electrocuting that chick. That was sweet. That coupled with Kitty going through that guy then slamming him on the ground AND creamating Juggernaut. “I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!” hahahaha.

6. What is the terminal velocity of glass?? Shouldn’t that glass have poked out a lot of people’s eyes when Warren leapt through/out that window. Either way, his escape and fight was awesome.

5. Orlan from this most recent season of Stargate was the kid in the white room.

4. The complete and total “holy f-ck” moment when Professor X vaporizes.

3. The Captain-insano amount of destruciton on Alcatraz Island. I don’t know. Insane amounts of destruction were exactly what I needed when I saw that movie.

2. Magneto driving the Golden Gate Bridge. Gratuitous, over-the-top, and just effing cool. James hated it. But I thought it illustrated just how nuts things were. They’d gone from a world where people were normal to a few people having some small, weird powers to people having INSANE amounts of destructive power, like Magneto. Yet another reason why the “lets just leave the mutants in peace” and all hug and get along mentality really probably won’t be the easy road to everybody getting along.

1. Scott got killed by like minute 9 of the movie. I crapped my pants I was so pleased. I haaateeeee Cyclops. He’s such a dick. He’s a dick in every single incarnation of the X-men in every single media.

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