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Dribble Drabble

I think I only have one entry for this catagory, so in honor of that… Here’s a really  amusing 100 word drabble involving dribble.  But no Tribbles.


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Everybody likes a lolly

‘Sepcially when inuendo is involved.

Sewiously.  I dont like cute fics, but this one was so damned goofy it worked.  It was like those goofy audio adventures where the Doctor is doing something perfectly normal, but it is the Doctor, so it’s all weird.  Doctor Who, oral fixation, Rose.  I’ll stop right there.
How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

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Stargate: Aquisition

There's so much horrendus fan fiction out there.  Well, yes, that's kind of an obligatory part of the whole fan fiction experience.  But Whenever there's good fan fiction, it should be rewarded.  Rewarded by me mentioning it. 

Aquisition starts off slow and runs a little long for my taste, but it's structured well, and I could very easily picture it being an episode.   Nice ending, had all the requirements of a daniel-centric story–something slightly embarrasing to entirely humiliating happening to daniel, daniel getting knocked unconscious for an unspecified period of time and last but not least, daniel's bleading heart.  In his spare time, daniel likes to hug trees and try to save the wood davers.  

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