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the further adventures of…tea

Hubby is drinking Southern Brew Tea which is secret code for nasty. Ok, I like a nice bit of iced tea same as the next person, but that’s like… the koolaid of tea. One cup of sugar per quart of water, you know how it goes. Barf. And oh yeah, empty calories. Have I mentioned the empty calories?

Chocolate cookies would make me feel better maybe. I shoulda got some at ikea yesterday. mmm ikea. Now I have a new shower curtain. we’ve decided to redo the bathroom in daleks. Then I promptly broke the eye stock off the bath gell filled dalek. Damned crappy American-made sub-par daleks…

To randomly take it back to tea, i’m depressed, I’m outta the cinnamon stuff and didn’t realize it till I got home from the grocery store. I had to drink hot cider and hot cocoa. It’s a tragic life I lead. Not that I dont have forty seven other kinds of tea in the cupboard (in addition to catfood–it’s a weird cupboard) but i wanted the cinnamon stuff. I’d make coffee, but the acid would tear whats left of my throat out.

Ok, whatever. I’m gunna drink the evil tea of sugary coma-ness and see if that helps my throat. OF course, I have about even odds of throwing it up again too.

Ebryfing is howwible and ebryfing is tewwible. And i is siiikkkk.

**UPDATE**  Tea redux: found the cinnamon tea on the box of cat food. I’m sure I put it there for ‘safe keeping.’ Or something.


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Sorry for my incommunicado-ness. Was in sunny, gloriously warm LA for the con 🙂 Ok, the wrapup:

1) TORCHWOOD BABIES.   That’s all I haveta say.  I’d call it a spoiler, but it’s more like… an evil plan.  It involves flash animation and chibis.  Everybody likes chibis.   Or muppets.  We haven’t decided.  Who’s the saddest pouty-pants with the drooping diaper?? You are, baby Ianto! You are!  Presented in glorious technicolor by that guy with the TARDIS key who said I’m not allowed to say his name because he wants to continue working in that town.

2) Met the most adorable guy from South Hampton.  Ok, so like 90% of the people from the UK at the con were from South Hampton, or so it seemed to me and said adorable guy.  *waves to Jamie.*  Nice fellow who, like me, needs a couple of drinky-winkies to get over the debilitatin social anxiety disorder.  We spent pretty much the whole weekend together. And his roommate totally hooked up with someone at the con.

3) Similar to the Torchwood babies… it’s the torchwood kids.  OMGEEEZE.  Jack let me touch her gun 😉 Take from that what you will.  Well, angsty dead jack did.  Mostly living and posessing ambiguous levels of angst Jack just had really cute red suspenders.

4) Met all kinds of cool peepilz.  *waves to cool peepilz* who are too many to mention by name… I’ll forget someone then they’ll be sad because they’ll think I don’t think they’re cool peepilz.

5) There was sooooo much glorious booze.  Glorious, glorious non-sobriety.  Oh yeah, and hanging out at the bar with the writers wasn’t bad either.  Though I had to resist the urge to tell the guy who wrote the cyberman two-parter… Tom, honey… I had that hair cut in sixth grade.  My grandmother cut off the tail one night while I was sleeping because she couldn’t stand it any more.  And she was right to do so.  Either commit–mullet or no mullet 😉

6) Eight hours in the con room.  I’ll just kind of leave it at that.  I needed that booze that the nice kind people at TAC squad presented me with.

7) TOTALLY got out of dismantling and moving the TARDIS.  Twice.  First time I was too drunk by the time the second truck showed up, second time I got caught up in something involving tape and four inches of pipe and stuff

8) Spent WAAAY more money than we ought.  Now I have a TARDIS playset and a remote controlled Dalek to chase my cats with.  Now that I think about it, I should have gotten two, this way when the cat thinks its gotten away from one, I can send the other after her.

9) Got some action figures to populate my ginormous playset.  There’s just one problem: too much testosterone in the TARDIS.  Two werewolves, one kriltane, the tenth Doctor and Jack.  It sounds like a bad porno.  My husband’s reasoning is that we don’t need Rose because Rose isn’t there any more, bla bla bla, all kinds of guy reasons that don’t make sense and interfere with my wishful thinking… (yes, I know how incredibly lame I am for shipping 10/Rose and daydreaming about her coming back, especially since I’ve never shipped anything in my life, and due to the intrinsic transitive nature of the show, but dammit–let me have my dreams).

10) Colin Baker’s shoes–OMG.  They were so bizarre that they were awesome.  Red crocks, no socks.  Of course, all the hanging around he did in the lobby and such Sun and Mon, you’d think I’d remember to take a pic of said awesomes shoes.  Hells no. It was awesomes of him to hang around as much as he did with us scary fan types.

11)  The room was smaller than the one at ChicagoTARDIS, but it was nicer.  Never got to use the tub part of the shower/tub thingy.  Just not enough time.  I see no problem with sharing a room with someone or another couple next year–it wasn’t like we did anything in the room besides sleep.  We’d just come back at like 1am every night and pass out.  There was always something going on after the events were done, and if not, there was always the lobby booze festival of love and mingling with the guests every night.

12) Again, somehow I find myself surprised at the lack of haters.  Seriously, some of the people (ok, the vast majority) on the OG boards can put you off fanning and fandom.  You begin to think it’s all about hating te thing you’re supposed to like and if you dont hate it, somehow you’re liking it wrong, or something.  Got into a conversation in the lobby (noticing a lobby theme?) with Steve Moffat (who was just so nice that I couldn’t eat his brains, even though I wanted to) about it–he says the haters tend to be incredibly shy in a face to face situation.

13) Took an awesome tour of the LA area… got some good pics, saw them setting up for the Oscars, got a bit lost in that weird out-door mall thingy near the chinese theater.  Would have loved to have had time to go inside.

14) Don’t you just effing hate numbered lists? Yeah, me too.

15) I’m a ninja.

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And the horse you road in on.

It’s time for my mother to worry about dying again. She’s doing all this will stuff with the lawyer. She’s got some health stuff she’s waiting for results back on, and of course she’s like… oh my god, i’m dying, and your dad can’t take care of your sister because he’s an incompetent wanktard (which I’m not disagreeing with)… so she’s asked me and my husband to take her if anything happens to her *rolls eyes* yes we’ll take her. What am I going to do? Not take her? God if dad has to be in charge of doing so much as making sure she gets three squares (weevils optional–you’re a real nerd if you get it) shell be dead in a week. And she’s talking about what she wants to do with all her stuff. I’m like.. I dont know, I dont care. I dont want it, I dont need it. Give my brother the jewlery he bought you, I’d kinda like my piano, seeing as how its mine and all, and the china closet that also happens to be mine and is sitting in your dining room (story i’m bitter about).

I’m so tired. There’s not enough caffine in all the world. I’m glad i made hot chocolate and took it into the meeting. Since I’m not allowed to drink booze at work it kind of helped me survive. I’ll eat a protein bar or something, hope that gives me a little energy, and hope for the best. I’ve officially used my last tea bag of good tea, it’s all down hill from here. Tealy and Lipton. I had a bag of the Tealy last night… wretched stuff. I’m so glad I got it for free because I’d be pissed if I had spent actual money on it. I have a pouch of decaf I can make, I suppose. But that’d require acctually using the coffee maker, I think. And that’s frightening. It smells all the time because no one cleans it and the inside’s white from calcium deposits. Dude, it freaks me out.

I almost put non-dairy creamer in my tea, which would just be wrong. While it’d be comforting in a weird way, it’d add absolutely no nutritional value to the tea while still adding fat and crap I dont need.

It warmed up to a balmy 8F or something today. Haveta make myself go to the gym. If it’s above 3F I’m going to just have to force myself to go, no matter how much I dont want to get my feet all cold and shit. It takes me forever to warm up after being out in the snow.

Thats about it for me.

I’ll just go crawl into my hole and die now.

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Can somebody tell me…

Why this doesn’t come in a queen or king size? I mean, is it inconcievable that nerds would mate?

Then again… while I find Tardises (tardi?) and Daleks to be hot in a way I probably ought not… The cabbagepatch kid-esque raxicoricalfalipatorian on my comforter would be just a little weird.

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Look, it’s a dragon!

And I think it looks like a dragon even when I’m sober.

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Can I have a whine??

Ok, I need to whine about shoes now.

1) Why is it so tough to find a pair of boots that don’t have four inch heels? Seriously–what the hell good are they?? Other than to make you look adorable when you’re falling on your ass on the sidewalk??

2) Other than Uggs.  Why can you only find boots with no heels that’re freakin’ fluffy-ass Uggs. Ug for ugly.  Seriously.  Effing Aye.  Unless you have twiggy legs the only purpose of those shoes is to make your calves look ginormous.

3) Why can’t I find cute shoes in my size? Why when you go into a department store, or any store for that matter, they stop right before my size?

4) What the hell’s the deal with the one thing they have in sizes larger than my size–Converse, they never have in my size?  They always say sorry, we have a nine and we have an eleven.   Ok, does that mean that there’re so many people with size 10 feet that they can’t keep them in stock, or no one has size ten feet but me, so they don’t stock them? If everybody has size 10 feet, why can’t I walk into a store and get a nice, attractive pair of women’s shoes that don’t look like something my grandmother would wear–plain, boring, and careful of her bunyons.

5) Shoes suck.  OK, my converse, which are the best pairs of converse in the world, are awesome.  But theyr’e cold in the winter and they’re currently soaking wet from being out in the snow, and I just want to know why women’s shoes only go up to size nine, unless you’re at freakin’ Walmart or Target.

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Have I mentioned how much I effing hate snow

Have I? I can’t remember–it’s been like twenty minutes.  Seriously.  It’s been snowing for like three days and I’m tired of wet cold feet. I’m tired of wet pants after I clean off the car, which I have to do every single time I stop somewhere.  Sick of wet socks. I’m sick of the whole bit of it, and I’m also sick of not being able to find boots without heels in my size.

And I’m grumpy and I’m miserable and I’m wet and I’m cold and the whole world should sod off. All of it.

And I haven’t been to the gym all week because I dont want to get cold and wet any m ore than I need to.  I hate everybody and everything and I hate winter.

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Winter am dum. And stuff.

Seriously.  Look at this sh-t.

That was taken from my street.  Dude, I seriously, seriously seriously need to move somewhere warmer. By the time I was done cleaning off the car this morning, I looked like a powdered doughnut.


This is my blue tooth keyboard.  It is better than your keyboard.



My kitten when we first got her.  Those’re six inch blocks on the floor, if that gives you an idea of how small and adorable she was.  Now she’s a miniature holy terror.  Good thing she’s still cute, or we’da killed her.


And thats it.  While I have the page open of photos from my phone, I should, perhaps, put the pics from Chicago on here.  Or maybe, oh, I dont know. Get the pics from ChicagoTardis off of here before we, like, go to Gallifrey in LA in a few weeks.  Yeah, I’m a big nerd, I know.

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Points of interest.

Firstly of all-ly…shoes of awesomely goodness:

Just got these yesterday. Once again, internet, my shoes are better than your shoes.
Next: Uhh… I dunno. Internship for school, bla bla bla, feel my life (like I have one right now) draining away, trying to get up the nerve to finish the short story I started, some other stuff, got a bunch of My Little Ponys for Christmas…. stuff and more stuff…

And that’s it I think. Nothing interesting going on besides my awesome shoes.

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Still got my christmas stuff up.  I keep starting on putting it away and I get perpetually interrupted.  And I’m feeling whiney.

The end.

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