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Which is faster-moving–Zombie-Ninjas, or Ninja-Zombies? Ninja Zombies would haveta be zombies that were somehow imbued with ninja skills. Zombie Ninjas would be Ninjas who were once living ninjas and who were killed and turned into zombies.


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…dude, seriously.

You know… Every day I come to hate PC’s more and more.  I’m a mac junkie, it’s well documented. Well, we just got this ipaq, which is all well and good. Especially considering we paid less than 1/4 the retail price for it. (floor model–never actually used as a floor model, they just opened the box and roughed up the documentation a little).  And I didn’t have any trouble setting it up for wireless and bluetooth, etc.  There’s just one catch–there is no mac sync software.  Ok, there’re a few more catches–it won’t log into certain sites (might be that it’s the previous version of the OS, who knows), won’t sync with a  mac without third party software for $40 a pop, and I can’t seem to find a messenger program that’ll run on it.

Granted it was supposed to be my husband’s but it was so cool being able to go on the intarweb on a widdle hand-held device, I had a good mind to steal it.

Oh well.  There’s always that Palm III sitting next to my desk, if i can figger out how to sync it with my machine.  It’s ancient, no back light and oldschool grey on slightly less grey LCD.  But hey, it plays bejeweled. Thats all that really matters.

Finally made it to the liquor store.  Horray, booze for everybody!

Thats about it for me.

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