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Can I have a whine??

Ok, I need to whine about shoes now.

1) Why is it so tough to find a pair of boots that don’t have four inch heels? Seriously–what the hell good are they?? Other than to make you look adorable when you’re falling on your ass on the sidewalk??

2) Other than Uggs.  Why can you only find boots with no heels that’re freakin’ fluffy-ass Uggs. Ug for ugly.  Seriously.  Effing Aye.  Unless you have twiggy legs the only purpose of those shoes is to make your calves look ginormous.

3) Why can’t I find cute shoes in my size? Why when you go into a department store, or any store for that matter, they stop right before my size?

4) What the hell’s the deal with the one thing they have in sizes larger than my size–Converse, they never have in my size?  They always say sorry, we have a nine and we have an eleven.   Ok, does that mean that there’re so many people with size 10 feet that they can’t keep them in stock, or no one has size ten feet but me, so they don’t stock them? If everybody has size 10 feet, why can’t I walk into a store and get a nice, attractive pair of women’s shoes that don’t look like something my grandmother would wear–plain, boring, and careful of her bunyons.

5) Shoes suck.  OK, my converse, which are the best pairs of converse in the world, are awesome.  But theyr’e cold in the winter and they’re currently soaking wet from being out in the snow, and I just want to know why women’s shoes only go up to size nine, unless you’re at freakin’ Walmart or Target.


January 26, 2007 - Posted by | Growly and/or Whine


  1. Try this place:

    I hate shoe shopping more than anything but this place has good deals and a good variety of shoes for ginormous feet like mine. I just bought a pair of flat boots yesterday. =)

    Comment by Heather | January 29, 2007

  2. thanks for the link. So you understand my pain. LIke, da hell?

    Comment by battybeyond | January 29, 2007

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