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Turn on yer damned lights

D00d. seriously, why does bad weather bring out the dysfunction in all the functionally retarded drivers on the road? No one has mastered the concept of putting their headlights on when the weather is bad. There’s nothing worse than an invisible silver car hurling through the rain towards you at break-neck speed.

Next, here’s a helpful hint… don’t go twenty five over the limit when there’s freezing rain and patches of slush and ice on the road. I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy like that. I know the speed limits are really speed suggestions around here. But don’t you think you should cut it down to say, maybe, only five over, when cars are skidding around every bend? I don’t know. I’m just saying.

Don’t play those little games where you speed up and pass me on the right, or try to tailgate me into speeding up. Thats just an accident waiting to happen. I’m not afeared of driving in inclimate weather, even with three all-weather tires and a spare on the car. I have driven in blizzards with my sad little two wheel drive four cylander shitbox. But you people zipping about in your SUVs and such scare the bejebus out of me. Just because you have more mass doesn’t mean you can go 70 on a windy 35 mph back road. Sure, ok, pass me over the double yellow line, whatever. But do you have to do it ONLY when the weather is shitty? Why do people drive WORSE when the weather is bad?


January 22, 2007 - Posted by | Unwashed Masses


  1. People drive worse when the weather is bad because they think that they are GOOD drivers who can handle themselves on icy roads.

    My personal fave is the bastards in the 4 wheel drive SUV’s that speed by you at 55mph, and then you drive by them in the ditch a few miles up the road… 🙂

    Comment by The BLS | January 23, 2007

  2. ugh. People are idiots. Got passed twice in two days over the double yellow line because I was going the SPEED LIMIT in inclimate weather. People are just… retarded.

    Comment by battybeyond | January 23, 2007

  3. damn it its not a shitbox!

    Mr Thumpy is a great machine.

    Comment by The Evil James | February 10, 2007

  4. oh yeah, whaddever 🙂

    Comment by battybeyond | February 10, 2007

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