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Thoughts on academia

Once I bitched long and hard about this professor who insisted on using all those worse that help you win at scrabble in every day conversation, and said he wasn’t going to talk slower or use smaller words to make up for deficiencies in our previous educational experence.

I could say that at least the mean or average student should be able to keep up, if you’re going to be doing your job as a teacher, which is to empart knowledge, not show off just how freakin’ smart you are.  I could say that your students are paying to learn here and now, not to be criticised for things they didn’t learn in high school, I could say that you should make a certain vocabulary proficiency a prereq for your class, if you’re going to verbally preambulate though every single five syllable or above word to be contained in the whole of the OED.  I could go on about you being a bloviating prick.

I won’t.  I’ll just leave you with this adorable apothegm, you over-educated git–twenty-five cent words are a dime a dozen.


January 22, 2007 - Posted by | Wordy

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