Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…


First I’d like to start with this bit of amusingness:

It’s like… a Bubble Wrap Dalek or something.  what’s it going to do? pop me to death?

Ok.  Yesterday was like Dr Who overload. Finally watched Sun’s ep of Torchwood and then there was the DW christmas special.  OMG.  Owen and the Doctor are poster boys for not handling loss of loved ones well.  Like… seriously.  The DW episode was funny, just emo enough for a dude that’s lost his best girl.  All the functional character development stuff was just so necessary and spot on.  SO glad they didn’t do that ‘thing’ where the person goes away and is never discussed again.  When the Doctor says Rose’s name at the end, it just breaks your widdle fangirl heart.  To quota a small child I know… Wose and da Doctah forebbah and ebbah. And back to Torchwood–SO sorry but Gwen made me laugh and laugh.  She’s messed up her life so badly, and it’s all her own doing LOL.   I mean, I sympathise and stuff, might have even made some of the bad decisions she has, but basically she’s buttered her bread 🙂

Uh… what else? got fuzzy bunny slippers of rassilon, er I mean Monty Python killer bunny slippers.  And rollerblades. My husband really wants to cash in on my life insurance policy LOL.  Seriously, he’s like ‘you can’t use these till you have knee pads! and Im like.. i concur.  I’m so clumsy. But I’ve always waned ’em and now I have ’em 🙂

Uh… uh… can’t think of anything else.  My stock pot decided to be defective yesterday and start leaking water, which sucked.  Everybody liked the food tho, despite the mashed potato emergency.


December 26, 2006 - Posted by | Family & Friends, Holiday, Nerdology

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