Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Grammar spaz attack

Can I have one??

well, tough sh-t, this is my blog.

I kin talk ril informal like da next schlub.  I like to have an Arn whens I’z watch da Pixsburgh Stillers.  Me an’ my  posse likes ta have some cookie cake when we’z doin’ that.

That being said–I hate it when people who act like they’re better than me or smarter than me abuse the English language in a formal setting.  I go nuts when I see it in official communications. I even get nuts over it in official, formal oral communications.  It’s not ‘please talk to I or So and So,’ you rube.  It’s ‘please talk to Sandy or me.” The Me/I, he/him thing makes me nuts. But I found a new thing that made my head explode.  This is on an official webpage for something… It says “A RXYZ” What came after the R isn’t important.  You just need to know it’s an acronym.  And it said A R.  R actually starts with an ah sound, if you’re saying the leter name.

It also happens that the usage of a or an deepends upon what SOUND it makes, not what letter it is.  Like, if you’re from the UK and you’d say “herb” and pronounce the h, then you have “a herb garden.”  Around these parts, the h is silent so it would be “an herb garden,” even if you’re writing it and not saying it. This is fact.

Basically… i’m right, they’re wrong.  Oh yeah and i’m hardcore seepy.  spellink iz opshinal at this pooint


December 14, 2006 - Posted by | Angst

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