Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…


So I finalllllly saw Casino Royale.  It was bitchin’ awesomes.  It was made of awesomes.  I think that more realistic bent was what I’ve been looking for in the last few, but they just got more and more sci fi and over the top and… well, charactures of themselves. Nice to see Bond having a soul.  If you see him giving a sh-t once in a while, then it’s even more impressive when he doesn’t give a sh-t.  Same thing with there being physical consequences for the action sequences.  Just makes the action that much better.

Kind of a finals week tradition that I have.  Go see something totally awesomes to just kind of take the mind off work for a bit.  Otherwise your head just keeps running over the same stuff over and over, and you never get anywhere.

Soo seepy-seepy.

PS… what the hell CAN Ianto and Jack do with that stop watch.  That isn’t of a sexual nature? Maybe play chess. But every time I think of Jack’s involvement… all I can think of is “strip chess.”  If someone hasn’t already invented it… I’m sure  Jack’ll think of it.

December 9, 2006 - Posted by | TV/Movies/Books

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