Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…


Where do I start?

Guess it’s time for the numbered list again.

1)  Got a new kitteny kitten.  Her name is Aggy, she’s a little shit.  She looks like a bobcat and thinks she’s a mountain lion.  She growls and meows for fun and she’s not afraid to take on the big cat, even tho PK is two years older and has like 8 pounds on her.  Aggy’s 8 weeks old and can’t weigh more than a pound or two.  She’ll bite PK and try to nip my fingers and such.  She’s totally addorable.  My brother’s cat sitting right now, because of #2.

2) I’m in Chicago… at Chicago TARDIS, the Doctor Who convention. Yaay, squee.  I don’t even know where to start. We decided to go at 3am Wednesday morning and left after Thanksgiving dinner.  We got in about 2am on Fri morning.  Was a good drive, even tho it was kind of foggy in some parts.  Indianna goes by real fast when you’re doing it at about 80mph.

The hotel is really nice, we got  a good rate, even if the rest of the weekend is being a tad pricy.  Ten dollar hamburgers arn’t helping the budget LOL.  When we checked in,  we got a room with water all over the bathroom floor, so we changed rooms before we even had our shoes off. All was well with the new room (it was even bigger) until yesterday when the safe decided to eat my laptop and not give it back.  Had security come up with a device to open the safe and it wouldn’t work (I knew the combo, it was saying ‘open,’ but still wasnt releasing the lock)…had to get an engineer up.  They got my stuff out but now the thing won’t close… so we’ve been having to carry our laptops around all the time.  Oh well. There’s free coffee.

Friday started off a little weird.  Kinda slow, not many people, then the floor opened for the dealers room, and it was like… woh.  Packed.  Today things were busier in the events, but less so in the dealers room.  I got a sonic screwdriver pen thingy… drove all the way to TARGET for batteries for the little f-cker.  Also had to buy a screwdriver, ironically to get into the sonic screwdriver to put the batteries in.  Got all the novels I was missing, some buttons…

Went to the Time and Chips meetup… Nice to put some faces to some of the userid’s 😉 Heard Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred.  They are so funny and nice.  They’ve both held up remarkably well.  If I can look that good when I’m Sophie’s age, I’ll consider it a win.  Her kids are adorable too.  James got his pic taken with a Dalek 😉 long weird story about that.  I wish I had like $200 spare bucks. I could get the $150  TARDIS play set and spend like $50 or so picking up some of the dolls for it.  Such a nerd.

I had a little too much (a  lot too much) to drink at the Outpost Gallifrey meeting, ended up giving my husband a few too many thumbs ups during The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances, so he didn’t let me stick around for the first three eps of Torchwood, he dragged me off to bed.

We got up later than we intended so we didn’t get photographs and autographs today, maybe tomorrow–of course we wouldnt have slept that much if we didn’t need it.  James got still more buttons, and a little flashlight sonic screwdriver.  His is cuter because it’s littler and lights up brighter but mine makes cool sounds and I can pretend it’s functional because it has a pen on it.  The post-it notes with gallifreyan written on them were just nerd icing on the nerd cake of my nerdy deserts.

Other stuff happened, but I’ll haveta write more later.  Going down to the MST3k-ing of Battlefield.  Should be fun.


November 25, 2006 - Posted by | Nerdology

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