Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

So here it is…

I’m 27 years old today.  Last year of my “mid twenties.”  I’ll have to call them late twenties next year.  Wow.  I’m almost out of my twenties.  Sounds so odd when you say twenties repeatedly… sounds weird, like something you want to escape, like your teens.  But what’s the alternative?  Your thirties? That’s still not a whole lot right there.  Not like my life’s…over or anything the minute I hit thirty.  But I’m having one of those times where I wonder where the time went, what I did with my life and why I wandered so aimlessly for so long.  Maybe I’ll get a doctorate next.  Maybe I’ll end up at another job like my current job, but just in another field.  Maybe I can actually get fiction published.  Of course, that would require getting off my ass and submitting sh-t, which I won’t do because I’m a fraidy cat.  I guess what I want for my twenty seventh birthday is some balls. I have a feeling all I’m going to get is a crappy gift card from my dad (if he remembers and gets me anything at all, that is–there’s a whole turgid story about how he’s spent my birthday the last few years–I thought I’d been blocking it rather well, but apparently not), and Doctor Who series 1 from my husband.  Mom may try getting me something lame, it’s not her fault, she just can’t shop for anyone, bless her little heart.  Sadly guts and medication for social anxiety disorder are not on the menu for the birthday this year.


November 19, 2006 - Posted by | Angst, Thoughts


  1. I completely understand what the hell you’re saying. I’m 31 years old, working full time and going to college at night part time still trying to graduate. I mean really, where the hell did the last ten years go? I’m sitting here in my boxers and a t-shirt drinking Dr. Pepper debating if I should go to work today or just call off sick because sometimes I just don’t think its worth the trouble. But then again, I’m within shitting distance of graduating from college and having my house paid off and calling off of work didn’t get me either one of those milestones in the crosshairs. Yeah, ding-a-ling-lang-my-dang-along-ling-long!

    Comment by Stranger | November 20, 2006

  2. I just poured another glass of Dr. Pepper and called off work. To hell with it, I say. I’m living the good life today.

    Comment by Stranger | November 20, 2006

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