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Awesomes am awesome.

We were up till 4 watching both episodes of Torchwood. It was so awesome I crapped my pants. Twice. Dude, Rose screwed Jack up good.  Ok, the whole “I can’t die” headwound healing up thing was like… dude.  But then he does the whole Vortex glowy yellow thingy and it’s like… woh.

I heard a lot of people complaining before I saw the episode.  There was the ‘oh you can’t have something that’s Doctor Who related thats also adult’ contingency, and ok, they didn’t need to drop that many F bombs, but I think the first F bomb two minutes in to the episode is like ‘no, really, put your damned kids to bed, people.’ You know… last warning–we’re really freakin’ serious this time.  But if you want kid-friendly, hold on a few months for Sarah Jane Adventures.

Then there’re the people who wouldn’t watch it to begin with.  The people who see it as a blight to Doctor Who.  But some of those really turgid and poorly written Virgin novels were just fine.  OK, whatever.  Low standards.  Anyways, you know who these people are… they’re the ones that take the fun out of fandom.  They complain about everything that isn’t the way they remember it being, or have idealized it being from their childhood, and nothing ever lives up to their expectations.  And you’re stupid for not agreeing with them.  Don’t forget that.

I think we were 20 minutes into the episode airing before someone illustrated Goodwin’s law.  I have no idea how a tv  show can be related to Hitler, but somehow Torchwood is.   Angry fans are such a drag.  Being a fan of something should make you happy, not unhappy. If you are happy being unhappy, there’s something wrong.

So *gush* I loved it.  Enjoyed all the DW references.  Hope Jack gets the answers he’s looking for.  Hope Gwen gets a boyfriend that isn’t a total *snore* job.  Nice appearance by the Doctor’s hand.  And I still [heart] Captain Jack.  In all of his Captain Jack-ish glory.


October 24, 2006 - Posted by | Nerdology, TV/Movies/Books

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