Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

…So, where have I been?

yeah, bad blogger, no banana.  Other than [hearting] on Captain Jack (my continued reason for living–he’s like Peter from Office Space, but with guns), what’s been going on in my life?

1) Properly medicated for the moment.  I’m now on two antidepressants! YAAY! Life aint perfect (no magic pill for that), but it’s at least tolerable, and I don’t look at everything in my life and say oh, nothing matters, we all die eventually anyways.

2) Due to this, I’m closer to being caught up on homework (yippee!)

3) Went to Kennywood on Sunday…had a nice time, met a cool lady with a knee problem who adopted us as her family and got us past all the lines (which were insano long)…funny-ish story.  On one of the walk-through attractions, I was looking up at the eyeballs on the cieling of the gazebo and missed all three steps and twisted my ankle up something fierce.  Discombobulated my person too, and it took two trips to the chiropractor to get straightened out.  I was going first tho, so better me than our lady, Ceil.  I guess I served a purpose after all.  Wouldn’t that be funny (in a slightly sad kind of way) if all that I was put on this earth to do was to fall off that gazebo, so that she wouldn’t?  I guess I can die now, if I’ve performed my primary function.

4) Obsessing over Doctor Who/Torchwood.  Mostly because of the Dalek/Captain Jack obsession.  This is practically a full time job.

5) Werkin

6) Kinda, sorta working out.  I should be getting to the gym 3 times a week, in additon to other forms of physical activity, but I’ve been managing two since the surgery.  Schedule’s just too crazy with James at school.  Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow.  I wouldn’t hold your breath or anything, but y’know. Everybody likes wishful thinking.

7) NOT cleaning my house.  Dude.  Seriously.

8) Only have a few Halloween decorations up.  It’s getting on in the month, so I better move my little butt, but I’m just starting to get my umf back. Being depressed takes a lot of energy, apparently.

9) Indulging in my secret shame, which shall go unmentioned here.  I just never talk about it… too embarrasing.  Which is sad, because the whole intarweb knows I [heart] Captain Jack.

10) Whippin’ out the winter clothes.  Da hell?  It was in the 70’s when we went to Kennywood (the happiest place on earth) on Sunday.  Monday and Tues were good, then BAM suddenly it’s the tail end of fall with the coldness, just shy of actual winter.  We’re skipping the whole pretty colors on the trees thing and going straight from green to bare in a lot of places.  It’s a bit much, if you have seasonal depression.  I am just climbing out of one funk, and I’m steeling myself for the next.

11) And I need a nap.  But I always need a nap.


October 13, 2006 - Posted by | Random & Miscellany

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