Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…


Just having a terribly frustrating day.  First the dentist (oh ho ho… how I could go on about the dentist) irritates me. I get there 15 min early, and they let me sit there for an hour and a half because their front office staff are incompetent.  My dentist is on maternaty leave, so I  had someone else, who was nice and competent and stuff and actually did a good job on the filling (my dentist just kinda shoves the stuff in there, without any care as to how it looks or feels and little to no care about your bite actually lining up again when she’s done)…

Of course since I waited an hour and a half because they forgot about me, I was 45 min late to work.  Which really IS the end of the world.   And I STILL need to get my really painful wisdom teeth out. And of COURSE the office they do it at is on the other end of the universe. Why? because that’s my luck lately.

Then my husband’s all bummed because I didn’t know he didn’t have a “real” class tonight, so he was done at like 4 and not 8:30.  Waiting till midnight after an 8:30 class is different than waiting from 4pm on. So I try to get my mom to pick him up. Told him this was the plan and everything. Then I can’t get hold of him for an hour, even tho he’s online.  This is why I F*CKING HATE VIDEO GAMES, DAMMIT! My mom’s illegally parked and can’t find him, and so I start messaging and messaging, and finally decide to try sending a file or something to just get his attention, hoping maybe it’ll make something blink or something… I FINALLY get hold of him just as she’s giving up and going to the car… I feel bad, I know she’s tired, and she doesn’t have to do me favors and she’s busy and bla bla bla.  I’m just so frustrated with life.  NOTHING works. Nothing works out, it feels like everything I do is doomed to failure.

I just hate reality right now.


September 28, 2006 - Posted by | Angst

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