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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Wonder if I still have a cat.

We lock him up in the diningroom when we’re gone, because he likes to shoot out the door as soon as we open it.  It’s tragic for him, he only has a floor and a half of the house to terrorize if I do that, and all his toys, food and litter are in there.  He’s so traumatized when we get home every day he just has to rub himself all over our widdle tootsies.

Thing is, usually he’s being a pest first thing in the morning, licking necks, sucking on ears, the whole bit.  Or he’s biting and scratching because he’s trying to ‘play’.  Anyways, when I took James to work, I forgot to shut him in the dining room.  When I came home, he didn’t immediately attack me, and I didn’t see him at all after that.  Wonder if he ducked out the door this morning, or just found a spot for a really good nap.

Oh well. If I go home and the food isn’t eaten in his bowl, then I know that he’s lost.  I’ll be ticked about that $250 I spent at the vet, tho.


September 15, 2006 - Posted by | Haus und Heim

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  1. I hope you find him.

    Comment by Rob | September 15, 2006

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