Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

What’s my line?

Dude, seriously, I had this thing that I was going to blog about, but then by the time I hit the button and it loaded… poof. Gone.

Uhh… random stuff:

1) I seek to one day have a real, fulfilling existance.  I believe this is the key to stopping my nerd-out attacks. I mean, who wants a t-shirt that says I [heart] Daleks, anyway? I fear I’ve become a mouth-breathing greasy nerd that shows up at fan conventions before they open and refer to the actors by their first names. I mock those people.  And yet I am those people. *head in hands* You see why I need a life.

2) Looking forward to Sunday.  First day off in two weeks.  Since I’ve come back from having surgery, I’ve had exactly one day off.  Horray for mandatory overtime!

3) Sorry.  Still [heart]ing the daleks. I keep trying not to, but I think about them exterminating people, and I think about how gewed this is, and… well, I just can’t help it.

4) I’ve almost got my outline done for the class I’m teaching at the library.  Like a month in advance.  This is an overview type thing.  I have a bad feeling that I’m going to bomb this thing and the kids’ll hate me.  They’re junior highschoolers, their whole purpose in life is  to make adults cry.  And I’m trying to cover the entire chasm that is “creative writing.”  I’m gunna start ’em with creative non fiction and poetry, cover a little poetry every time, then work into fiction.  So, yeah. Doomed.

5) Monkey the kitty cost $250 to keep alive and healthy for just one more day.  You know, until he tries to claw my head again and I turn him into kitty pie. Woulda been half that, but he needed meds.  Of course he did.  I’m tight on money, so he needs meds.  Lemme just tell you–I wouldn’t pay $88 on a prescription for ME.  I’d just suffer in silence or possibly die of whatever affliction required me to pay $88 to save my own life. SERIOUSLY considering pet insurance.

6) I’m wigging out.  A day off may help with this.

7) I know James hates the mattress topper, and it’s annoying how you have to push it back on the bed every day because it slid around a little, but I still like it. So meahhh.

8) I’m made out of pudding and aluminum foil.

9) Moo.

10) I hope to one day have self esteem.  That’ll be a cool day.


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | Random & Miscellany

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