Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

When in doubt, your motivation is sex.

I don’t talk too much about writing  because really… who cares? My publishing career is short and not exactly the street cred I wanna go flashing all over the place.  Mostly, I lack submission self-esteem. Though a friend is bugging me to submit something to a new lit mag that a friend of a friend of a friend’s Uncle Bob is publishing  (How do ya like that!!? Bob really IS his uncle!!), and if I can finish the damned thing, I just might. I’m SO close. He just… y’know… needs to behead the guy next to him at the poker table.  This mag might be just the thing too.  I mean, what the hell do you do with a monster-horror/western story??

What the hell was I saying??

I think it’s time to hit the adderol again.  Wonder if I remembered to bring it.

So, anyways… I was scoopin’ poop (man do kittens shit a lot) this morning, and I solved a logistical issue in a story I haven’t even written yet.  Which is so cool–my typical amount of planning it just shy of nil.  If I’m doing a series, I say ok, here’s where this’ll end up.  How I get there is entirely up for grabs.  I have no idea where this story’ll end up (and it’s still two or three down the road in the series), but dammit, I know WHY they’re where they’re at.  I’m so frigging smart, and there’s no one around to share it with, Internet! **pats self on back**

Seriously–I am the smartest smartypants to ever walk the face of the earth at this very moment, especially when you add on the fact that I was writing this mystery, and everyone’s like… wow, you’re such a great planner… but really I just throw stuff out there and hope I can tie it together again, and I actually found a way to do it.  I think I was cleaning out the sink or something when that happy little accident popped like a zit of creativity in my widdle mind (Don’t you want to shake Postulio’s little hand?!).

(Pustulio’s on the left)

So, anyways, I’m feeling really smart right now.  I’m totally backlogged on homework, and It’s like four days into the term, but I’m brilliant.

Oh yeah, and I’ve aquired a new bad habit… reading books on the circuit at the gym.  I’ve finished a second book while there now. I have to say, I [heart] those Doctor Who novels.  Especially the ones with Captain Jack.  Mostly because I [heart] Captain Jack, cuz he just doesn’t give a crap.  Anyways…I only have two more to read and I’ll have read all the ones that’re currently out for the new series.  Took me like, three weeks. So anyways… Sorry, hon, if the pages are a little warped when you get the book.  It’s just my sweat, so it’s clean.  Or something.

ADD Moment: DUDE, SO bummed about them cancling Stargate.  I hope the fans manage to save it.  I think they could milk another year or two out of it.  I actually LIKE the current cast, etc. Figured I’d hate the new characters, but they’re just too loveable to not love ’em.  Daniel and Vala will make cute babies together.  *snicker*

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