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What’s my motivation? Part II

ADD’d right out of whatever it was that I was trying to say. Yeah.  So, I was like, ok, gotta get this person here, to do what I want to do, I need some kind of motivation… And I was digging through the stack, mommy issues, daddy issues, hates self, hates world, loves world… I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and nothin’ was sticking.  Finally I found the overboiled bit, and it stuck.  And this is thanks to an acting teacher in undergrad. When in doubt, your motivation is sex.  Character follows member of oposite sex.  And who hasn’t done a stupid thing for lust? Oh yeah, and we figured out how to get zombies in there this morning after James had a weird dream.  I [heart] zombies.
PS… and then I crapped my pants.  Put on Bad Wolf.  seriously.  I mean, I [heart] daleks in some kind of sick way (fantacy fulfillment, I think.  Who doesn’t want to just go around exterminating everyone they’re annoyed with?) And I [heart] captain jack, so when I was watching Parting of the Ways after that, and they left him on satelite 5, I was bummed. I like captain jack because there’s something really Office Space about him. He just doesn’t give a flyin’ fart. And because of this, he is gewd.


September 2, 2006 - Posted by | Wordy

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