Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

The only thing this tea is missing is Daleks.

I’m not supposed to have caffine for like 9 months, but I’m hurting today. So a friend lent me his tea thingy. Real zippy stuff. Only, I didn’t realize how strong this tea was when I was dumping it out of the box, and I put like four times as much in the thing as necessary. This stuff isn’t bitter, it’s just… trucker tea. You can stick a spoon straight up in it. Tea like my gramma used to make. Ahh yes, those were the days. I had to do something I haven’t done since I was a kid… actually put milk in my tea. And I had to put a hell of a lot. Seriously. I had fuzzy weird nostalgic feelings remembering the smell of nicotine, dry fuzzy yarn and wet tea bags. And the sci-fi channel. My grandmother was one of the first people with the sci fi channel. She never turned the tv off of that, unless she was watching PBS or A&E. And if she left it on PBS, chances are, later in the day, it’d switch over to Doctor Who. SO you’d have Daleks with your gallons and gallons of tea that you’d swill.

PS…Dude… you know, I was like in junior high school before I figured out that you could put stuff in tea that wasn’t milk?? Sheltered existance.

PSS…I figured out what this tea tastes like. It tastes like that one time when I wanted to find out what would happen if you sucked all the remaining water out of a used tea bag. EXACTLY like that. Eww.

Oh well. at least I’m feeling a bit more awake. I feel like I’ve fallen off the medical bandwagon. I hope the medical fairies don’t come to get me and drag me away to hell for not following doctor’s orders. At least I was awake enough to have that thought.


August 26, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony

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