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Ikea: work of the devil.

we learned a valuable lesson the last few weeks: NEVER buy more than one piece of furnature that requires assemblage at a time. It took us like a week to get the desk up and running; we had to clear away the old desk and move every cotton-pickin’ thing around the office to have enough space. Of course my desk is burried under stff again. That seems to be its natural state.

We also go the bed at the same time; it sat in boxes taking up the entire living room, part of the hall and part of the bedroom for like two weeks. Somewhere I picked up a really cute and comfy desk chair (been needing one for YEARS), which James was kind enough to assemble. This, in conjunction with my chair that’s already in there, the crap all over the place from the desk assembly, and the crap that’s lying around in general, you can’t even get TO my desk.

Lastly, the bed. Oh it’s cute and comfy now, but we almost got a divorce over it. First of all, none of ikea’s stuff has words on the instructions. They’re just images. So we’re fighting over the interpretation of the images, we’re fighting over tools, we’re fighting over where it’s going to go… I’m justglad it’s overwith.

There was something else but I’m too tired now. Sleepybye.


August 16, 2006 - Posted by | Angst


  1. That’s where Loki and I have completely flipped our “roles.” I’ll assemble anything and Loki will hover at the doorway for a half-hearted, “can I help with anything Sweetie?” After I say no, he bolts.

    Comment by paperback writer | August 18, 2006

  2. see… i can do all that stuff… I just dont want to. Insane laziness, that’s me.

    Comment by battybeyond | August 18, 2006

  3. Divorce over furniture? Sounds familiar except there’s usually lots of violence before the papers are served in my house. Now I send my wife away when I have to put anything together, and if we ever move again we’ve decided to hire professionals.

    Comment by mac | August 22, 2006

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