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Turning Right

It’s nice to see Tony Stewart on his best behavior today.  He’s been such an insufferable brat.  Basicall, his actions are saying that if you don’t give Whiny Crybaby (and Fatty McFatfat) Tony Stewart his way, he’s going to take you out of the race.  That seems SO self-centered.  And whether he is or not, that’s how he comes off when he talks about how everybody needs to be safe, then runs people off the road.  Or how rookies need to show more respect (subtext: to HIM)… then runs people off the road whom he doesn’t feel are giving him proper ‘spect.

The springs flying across the field was kind of interesting to watch, but I was bummed that Boris Said’s day was over.  He’s probably my new favorite driver.  He’s got crazy-mad hair, keeps his kid hanging around the shop, and he’s doing things his own way with owning his own car and having such a tiny company. I like that whole individualism thing.  And the crazy-mad hair.

Had to go out and buy vinigar so I can wash the shower curtain (white vinigar cuts thru soap scum like you wouldn’t believe)… took FOREVER at walmart in line.  Ended up not coming home till like the fourth lap.  Sadler was wiping out right as I walked in.  I figured it’d be one of those days soon as I saw that.

Oh well.  Mark Martin (whom I also like) is having a good day, so I guess that’s something.  And Fatty McFatfat is behaving himself. I guess that’s something.

Anyways… I’m still a little sleep deprived.  Yesterday, working on one hour of sleep, I declared to James in the grocery store that I’m 99% cheese.  The remaining 1% is plastic. This lady was looking at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care lol.  So anyways.  Today’s revelation was that it’d be cool one day if they just showed up at the race track, and NASCAR just declared that everybody’d be turning right today.

I mean, they can make up goofy rules like impound races and restrictor plates and all that.  I’m sure they can spontaniously decide we’re all turning right today.  I just wanna see the chaos that unfolds.  I like chaos.  Controlled chaos in small environments.  A stadium that seats 100,000 would be small enough.

So, yeah. Nap.


August 6, 2006 - Posted by | NASCAR

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