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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I hate politics.

I hate politics.  National/international affairs are important to keep up with, but I get so. freaking. tired. of the “Politicking.”  Neither side can actually see situations as they are or come up with genuine approaches to solving or dealing with problems–it’s all about towing a party line.  Bush is entirely wrong because he’s a Republican. It doesn’t matter if he is doing what needs to be done, or what, ultimately, maybe in our best interests.  And any criticizm leveled from the other side, since it comes from the “bush is wrong because he’s a stupid bigoted republican christian” is never actually LISTENED to by the republicans, partially because of the filter it’s gone through before reaching the public and partially because all democrats are wrong by nature and virtue of their being democrats. People are incapable of viewing an idea for what it is–everything has to tie back to a party line–their own, or the other guy’s.  No one comes up a solution to anything any more–they just complain about the problems and the other party, who obviously created said problems.

Everybody’s worried about the next election, the next news cycle and the next photo op.  I think SOME people are starting to catch on and are getting sick of it.  If enough people get sick of it, maybe, some day, we can get a genuine person with genuine opinions and ideas for solving problems into a public office for either party. It’d be entirely revolutionary, considering the political and ideological rutt we now find ourselves in.


August 3, 2006 - Posted by | Social and Politics

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  1. I used to wonder why people don’t vote, and I understood just recently… it’s all about caring. Why care when everything one wants is at one’s fingertips? Why care when politicians don’t care about you anyways?

    Nobody cares unless their asses really are on the line. And nobody’s is, or at least, nobody thinks it is.

    Comment by swedishfish | August 3, 2006

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