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I [heart] Captain Jack

Harkness.  Betcha you thought I meant Sparrow.

Seriously.  Not like in a giggly “he’s cute” kinda way either.  I just [heart] captain jack.  mostly cuz he doesn’t give a crap.  he just says stuff.

I will seriously, seriously SERIOUSLY have a nerdgasm when Torchwood starts up.  When I was watching The Empty Child… I was like… dude, if they gave Captain Jack his own show, I’d totally watch it.  Every week.  Cuz he’s awesome.  He just doesn’t give a crap.  And you need a few people like that in the world. Sometimes the Doctor’s a stick in the mud about doing the right thing.  Genisis of the Daleks?? Captain Jack would have put the two little wires together.  Then he’d have set their dirty little slimeball carcasses on fire.  Then he’d have kicked the ashes around for good measure.  Then he’d have kissed Sarah Jane.  Then he’d have kissed the guy in the blazer.  It woulda been good times.

You know how any movie quote can be improved by the addition of pants?  Any situation can be improved by the addition of Captain Jack.  He’s just not an out of bounds kinda guy.


July 30, 2006 - Posted by | Nerdology


  1. Now, now, let’s not spoil it 🙂

    Tomorrow’s episode is The Long Game. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

    Comment by Phil | August 1, 2006

  2. its rilly rilly gewed 🙂

    Comment by battybeyond | August 1, 2006

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