Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I’ll be good.

I promise not to post like crazy madness again.  James said I made too many posts on the 23rd.

I’ll be good.

Lets see… stuff…

1) Still hating food. But I was actually hungry today, and I might be hungry now (I’m not sure–I’ll haveta meditate deeply on it)

2) Still hating getting in between my parents little spats.  Look, dad’s a d-ck.  And I don’t mean Grayson.  Just don’t talk to him.  If you don’t talk to him, and you let your lawyer do all the talking, then you won’ thave to get all mad that he’s a d-ck.  I mean, you’re divorcing him because he’s a d-ck, right?? GOD.  I’m mostly bitter that my mom hasn’t figured this out for 27 years and  doesn’t behave accordingly.  As if her being nasty or playing martyr will somehow convince him that he’s a d-ck.  ARRG.  Don’t get me involved, and don’t forward or CC me on any mails you send him or his replies.  I. Don’t. Care.  I’ve written him off.  You should too.
3) Haaaate.

4) I enjoy making kids in other countries cry.  I laugh when I get emails from them about how mean I am to fictional characters and why can’t I just be a nice person.  They’re little the petals of little flowers from heaven.

5) If Inyuasha just whacked kagome around, the chick’d learn her place, man.  Why’s he let his woman go runnin’ around in that hot little sailor school girl getup? With her legs showing like that? Isn’t this feudal japan?? Oh who’m I kidding? He’s so whipped.  She says sit, and he throws himself to the ground for her.  How pathetic.  How domestic.

6) My brother is roxor!!11.  He did my lawn and chopped up my tree which fell during the last storm.  I owes him the monies of course, but I’d never have time to do that on my own, with school and everything. My sisters are roxor in training for helping him.

7) Stuff.

8) Cows go moo and ducks go quack.


July 27, 2006 - Posted by | Crazy and/or Weird, Family & Friends

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