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Altoids: the devil’s food.

It’s bad enough that they have about 64 types of Altoids in the checkout line at K-Mart (which is all weird and crap–did you know they sell appliances now?? It’s like a mini-Sears, which I guess is fitting–they’re now owned by Sears, I think).  Then I haveta go find the sugar-free “smalls” Which, annoyingly enough are about 1/3 the size of the regular Altoids tin, but cost the same price.  Ok, whatever, fine.  I like all the ones but the original (pepermint reminds me of Christmas, and that just makes me sad), but one thing I don’ tlike is the sticky aftertaste.  So I pick up the Cinamon ‘Toids this afternoon and finally busted ’em open just now.  Geeze man crap.  H-O-T.  SO HOT.  Not spicy and refreshing.  Hydrochloric acid on my widdle tongue.

Does that stop me from eating them??


That’s the truely disturbing part.  I haven’t had any solid food all day, but dammit–gotta eat all the damned Altoids. Grr, Arg.


July 24, 2006 - Posted by | Food

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