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Doomsday (Spoilers/Season 2 Dr Who Finale)

Ok, I gotta admit, I cried (well, I got choked up–I think Im too dehydrated right now to actually form tears) when Rose and The Doctor said goodbye in the last episode of the 2nd season.  *sniffles* deep inside.  But…

1) He totally sperminated her.  Sperminated her then left her, like Superman flyin’ off to visit the charred remains of Krypton. Experminate! Experminate!

*dude, what was with the sarcastic Daleks?*

2) I knew that even before I  was done watching the episode some poor, tortured young ladies had already hit that on  And yes, there’s a page and a half of the stuff… not even twelve hours after the episode finished airing. And everything I knew they’d do… the whole spermination gig, the Madem dePompidor (or however the hell you spell it.  This thing’s running to slow to be a good geek and look it up) letter to the Doctor thingy… Yeah.  All the obvious ones.

Suggestions to the lovely young ladies who work dillgently to pad the numbers of the Dr Who section at

1) Kitt from Knightrider versus the Daleks.

2)  Just what the hell happened to that prison ship/if you put a coat of paint on her, she’d be just fine for a first Tardis thingy? I mean… if it fell into the void, that’s just a waste of a perfectly good inner-galactic ride.

Which leads me to 3) The product of Rose and the Doctor’s accidental drunken romp in sub-basement number 9 of the Tardis, the blonde, pink-cheeked, button-nosed cutie that she is, really needs that prison ship.  How else is she going to get together with Captain Jack? Hello??!!

4) How the hell does Captain Jack get back from the 50-somethingith century, anyways?  He’s all workin’ for Torchwood and stuff, but really.  Maybe that’s where the prison ship ended up 🙂

5) Chuck Norris: Dr Who’s next companion.

6) The Tardis is sad without Rose.  It builds a Rosebot out of spare parts.

7) Knowing he could not go on without her, the Doctor hangs himself from the rafters of the Tardis controll room.  Nobody notices.  Nobody cares.  NASA hasspent the last 20 years trying to figure out what the hell that blue blip on the surface of Mars could be.

8) Rose doesn’t have her A levels, Torchwood wouldn’t have her.  She dies one night in a hold up at the Kwiki Mart, where she works the graveyard shift.


10) Frustrated with an eternally moping rose, Mickey finally reveals why he’s never gotten along with the Doctor.  Oposites attract, you see…


July 9, 2006 - Posted by | Nerdology, TV/Movies/Books


  1. It scares me how fast some of those fics go up after an episode airs. It really does…but then again, it makes for some fine time wasting!

    Comment by paperback writer | July 19, 2006

  2. Quantity, not quality, I’m afraid 😉 But yeah. It’s frightening how fast the 12 year olds work. If only they could use their powers for good, instead of evil.

    Comment by battybeyond | July 19, 2006

  3. Oh, I don’t know. Some of those little whippersnappers are using their power for good…No, wait. I lie.

    When I was temp was my best friend. I worked like a demon for the first hour – finishing everything they gave me, thankyouverymuch – and for the rest of the day I read fanfic.

    I had several ideas and actually started to write some down, but oy vey! They were terrible!

    Comment by paperback writer | July 20, 2006

  4. Thats when you know it’s really, really bad. When the fanfic writers have good ideas LOL. I mean, they might not pull it off due to lack of skill, but hey. Hex started out as a decent show, and ended up spiraling into oblivion. I was looking through… the fanfic ideas were better than what became of the show. I never actually clicked on them–that might have made my brain explode LOL. I have to confess… writing fanfic is my secret shame. And I’ve written a LOT of it. Most of it not very good LOL. However it is a self-esteem boost to know that I have two fanclubs out there. The real world might hate me… but the internet LOVES me.

    Comment by battybeyond | July 20, 2006

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