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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Seriously, I’d be happier if that nun had a face.

There’s this one church we go to when we really, really REALLY can’t get out of bed, but don’t want to go to 4pm mass because, like, that’s in the middle of a NASCAR race (sewiously–road race.  Wreckage in the first lap).  I think it’s pretty zippy looking.  Very traditional sort of Gothic church in some ways, not in others.  There are so few modern churches that actually “work” for me.  Usually they look like acid trips or like those people at General Steel constructed the thing over the weekend (four white walls, white cealing, brown carpet–a shoe box with a tabrinacle. Ugly churches… you know who you are).  This church was built (or completely redone) in the 50’s.  Gothic architecture made with a light golden sand stone–makes the place a little less spooky on the inside.  The stone carved Stations are a little 50’s esque, but I’ll get over it.  There’re some lovely side chapels, some weird little side altars that’re a bit hidden, and pillars.  Everybody loves pillars.

BUT, there’s this one little thing.  It looks like one of the frescos of some nun (saint I’m assuming) had some water damage, as it’s washed out in some places and completely white in others.  Now, they renovated this church recently.  Replaced the floors and the pews.  Ya think they could have fixed that one little… flaw.  Because it’s creepy.  The nun has no face.  Store maniquins without faces creep me out, this is just EEUG!! ya know??

Ok, maybe you don’t.


June 27, 2006 - Posted by | Religion

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