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I hate comcast as much as I hate my dentist.

Last friday, I was seen at the dentist for excrutiating pain.  They took xrays, prescribed perkoset (sp) and scheduled an appointment for this friday (yesterday).  Of course, I can't take the perks cuz, y'know, I need to do silly things like function, and narcotics pretty much knock me out for 16 hrs so I can't move, and I'm completely incapacitated… but still in pain.  So I haveta wait a whole freaking week like that.  Then yesterday morning the dentist's office calls and says that "the dentist won't be in today, we'll have to reschedule." So Tuesday is really bad, and it's the only day they have open.  Otherwise I have to wait until AFTER THE FOURTH.  I came in as an emergency patient, but they're going to let me sit until after the fourth of july.  Which isn't fair, considering their stupid dentist didn't come in on friday.  Must be nice to just be able to take off whenever you want. 

Comcast.  Oh freaking beautiful lovely comcast.  I've been trying to get them out here for WEEKS.   But you need a 4 hr block of time. Not any 4 hr block. their prescribed block.  It doesnt matter if you can do 8-12, if you cant be avail 8:30-12:30, forget it.  I always have to take james to work somewhere in there.  And it only takes 20 min, we're like 5 min away from work.  But they ALWAYS call when I'm taking him to work.  Doesn't matter if it's 9am, noon… doesn't freaking matter.   I freaking hate them.  I missed the guy by five minutes, and then I get a nasty message saying I'll need to reschedule.  Screw you, comcast.  No one else has to put up with a four hour window in which an appointment MIGHT be scheduled.   I have a life you know.  I have to go to work and shit. Freaking hate comcast.  I loath them. I would loath how you have to wait around all day for the phone company, but I ditched them for Comcast cuz I was sick of their incompetent billing practices.  I hate stupid people.  Stupid people are dumb.  *grr* *arg*


June 24, 2006 - Posted by | Angst

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  1. I hate the dentist so much. They made me pay before I get into The Seat and then they made me pay after I left because they forgot something. They’re lucky I didn’t throw up on the counter. =(

    I’m thinking of just getting rid of TV. I wonder if I would grow as a person and stuff if I stopped giving Comcast money each month. I’m thinking that it’s probably more likely that my DVD collection would grow at an exponential rate and I wouldn’t save money at all.

    Comment by Heather | June 26, 2006

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