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Fr John Vojtek, harbinger of DOOM!

Fr. John was the pastor at All Saints during the 2004 flood that destroyed many of the houses around the parish not to mention the insane amount of damage it did all around the county. The school attatched to the parish was forced to close and the church itself required six months of rennovation to be repaired and mass was said for all that time in the activities buildig.

By that point, Fr. John had been at All Saints for eleven or tweleve years. He got everything squared away with the insurance companies and everything from the festival was rebuilt for the summer. Around Christmas we heard that he was moving to another parish after Penticost. So, we were all sniffly and stuff, but he'd been at All Saints longer than most priests in this diocese get to stick around a parish.

So, penticost was the 10th, Fr. John was at the new parish by Tuesday, I think. And Thursday morning the church burnt to the ground. And I don't mean a fire like All Saints had flood damage, y'know, tear out some walls and plaster, redo all the carpets and pews and wiring and stuff. I mean not a brick standing on top of another brick.

He should totally get an award or something. Most Likely To Attract a Natural Disaster.

**ps, for the sake of clarification–I [HEART] Fr. John.  Totally miss him.** 


June 21, 2006 - Posted by | Religion, Thoughts


  1. What kind of awards ceremony would there be for this? The Goddies? Tbe Disasties?

    Comment by septemberfool | June 21, 2006

  2. ‘harbinger of doom’ I think NOT it should read ‘Counselor of God’.
    As in Proverbs 24:6 “in a multitude of counselors there is safety” These people at his new parish just like the people at All Saints have been provided by God a wonderful person who can support them as they go through this devastation in their life and parish community. I Thank God for Fr. John Vojtek!

    ‘God does not give anyone any situation they can not handle’. Fr. John Vojtek is a very strong and loving priest. If anyone can pull and guide this parish through this devastating occurrence Fr. John can and he will. As he has already provided counsel and support with All Saints Parish. My husband and I are personal dear friends of Fr. John and will continue to support him.

    Comment by DragonFly | June 22, 2006

  3. It was meant in humor. I’ve worked with Fr. John since my sisters were teeny tiny at All Saints. I do believe God sent him there.

    … But it’s still funnier when you tell it the other way 😉

    No insult was intended.

    Comment by battybeyond | June 22, 2006

  4. I am glad to hear that. Thank you

    Comment by DragonFly | June 22, 2006

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