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Ghost Whisperer and protected posts

Ok, didn't see that ending coming.  I thought the shot where Andrea walks back into the shop and Melinda is standing across from her was a little weird, and I guess that should have been a little telling. Same with the FBI guy refusing to talk to her. D00d. 

As for password protected posts… email or AIM me, and if you arnt who the post is about, I'll give you the password 🙂  


May 29, 2006 - Posted by | Thoughts, TV/Movies/Books

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  1. I would e-mail you but there seems to be no link to e-mail and I’d have to go through my Inbox to find a past correspondence. My inbox would make you cry, it’s so full of junk I haven’t cleaned out or organized. Can you please send me the password? I want to read. =)

    Also, what happened on Ghost Whisperer? I missed it. I like that show despite J.Lo.Hewitt’s hair.

    Comment by Heather | May 30, 2006

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