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My plebeian underpants

Remember the great saga of my bourgeoisie underpants. I think I said they were $8 a pair. Oh no, They’re just $8 a pair when you get them half price. Cuz they’re usually buy one, get one half-price. Yes, these are $16 underpants.

I miss the $16 underpants. Really I do. Back in my single days when I’d buy clothes every month, instead of just when I’m “going to a thing.” Oh those days…

My underpants were cute and actually fit.

Why the underpant-nostalgia?

I’m wearing a pair that’re cute. They’re lower cut, and they they have a cute little pink boomerang pattern on them. Very 50’s retro. Now, when I used to by my bourgeoisie underpants, they were sized like pants sizes. But these peasant underpants have weird sizes that mean nothing in relationship to anything else, like shoe sizes. So I looked at the hight/weight chart on the back of the package and to a size smaller than what I thought I needed, but they ended up being a size too big. And my pants are too big on me tonight (yes, the horror just goes on and on) so my pants arn’t holding my underpants up over my butt even, and I haveta keep tugging upward.

Damned plebeian underpants.

May 26, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony, Random & Miscellany

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