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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

At least I’m honest about my obsessions.

So, what're you obsessed with?? I just found (yet another) celebrity blog to check like twice a day. I guess my celebrity blog obsession could actually be broken up into two obsessions. There's the Rumor Mill blog which is basically a free/online version of US and People with better/more creative writing. See Perez Hilton. Then there's the celebrity plastic surgery blogs. These have slightly more credentials to them than the Rumor Mill blogs because they're sometimes written by plastic surgeons, but either way, all the Plastic Surgery blogs are basically comparing before and after pictures (some of which are completely grotesque) and conjecture as to whether this person lost weight, had botox, or had their face stretched like Cassandra in Doctor Who (Moisturize me! Moisturize me!). See below:

Look like any celebrities you know?

So anyways, I "discovered" today so I have (yet another) blog to add to ye olde rolle.

I don't know why I enjoy it. maybe it's nice to see celebrities taken down a peg. They're more beautiful than us, their opinions are worth more than ours, they're more tallented, richer, bla bla bla. Nice to see them wearing rediculous outfits, wetting their pants, or looking weird like the cat lady.

Other obsessions include but are not limited to: My Little Pony, Stargate SG1, Goo-B-Gone, Ninjas, Batman, melon-flavored anything, glow-in-the-dark booze, stuff that smells (incense, candles), Splenda, colored pens, big-headed babies, smelly hand creams in funny little pump bottles from Bath and Body Works, Babble and Bookworm.

So… what makes you totally not rational?


May 23, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony, Ninjas, Random & Miscellany

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  1. Batman, ninjas, foot lotions, shampoos (I’m counting nine bottles of shampoo in my shower right now, without adding the conditioners in), face goop, gel pens, Winamp skins, anything orange, and finding the perfect grapefruit.

    Comment by Heather | May 24, 2006

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