Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Stuff this blog is not about:

(basically everything anyone does a web search for.  Why can't someone be looking for "cute library science student with cat eye glasses" or "he can do that cuz he's batman" or even "Sporatic blog vomit"–no.  they find my page by looking for THIS stuff.)

 Now with commentary! The extra crunchy tangy taste that makes it all worth while. 


Search Views
(Funny, but ew, nasty, go away.) 

naked doorbell

(Those silly naked doorbells.) 



Search Views
why is my dad an ass 1
 (Don't you wish.Loser.)

washing wringer school dicipline

calling off work 1
(who IS james marns?) 

comic "tastes like christmas

(Beat 'em with one of those tenderizing malet thingies.)  

16 yr porn

(Your ISP has been notified) 


May 11, 2006 - Posted by | Crazy and/or Weird


  1. There. I searched for “cute library science student with cat eye glasses” and it only came up with this post. Not very relevant, I’m afraid. :p

    Comment by Sean | May 11, 2006

  2. But hmm… if the search engines bring people here on words like “naked”, “ass”, “discipline”, and “porn”, I’m going to have to tell the Ragemonkeys to take a closer look at your blog. They might not want to be linking here. 😉

    Comment by Sean | May 11, 2006

  3. It’s not my fault!!I mean just because those words come up in conversations doesn’t mean my site is about that!! See, we go on and on and on in my classes about how meta data and key word searches are much more important than entire document searches because at least with the key word search you have a prayer of finding stuff that contains the word you’re looking for AND have it be relevent. I need someone to index and abstract my site…

    Comment by battybeyond | May 11, 2006

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