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Term's finally over.  B+ and a B.  It's less traumatic.  My 4.0 got shot to hell last term by some teacher who thought it was clever to give me a B+. Sigh. 

Feeling completely unappreciated by everybody and everything.

1) I make James sandwiches and run home and get him clothes and everything else. I wish he did more nice stuff for me. Especially when all the running around I do for him is wearing me down.

2) I get up early and drive my sibilings to school when they need it. I run errands when other people need it.  I can't even get my sister to walk a canister of gas the 2 blocks to my house. 

3) I wash their clothes for them.  NONE of them put them away, including my mother. Of course, my mother makes a big freaking stink when I need to borrow her car to move something. 

4) I excavated my sister's room and worked for WEEKS to be able to see the floor. I ask her to take care of the last little pile, she tells me to fuck off and go to hell.  I've been trying to get her to remove the bags of clothes for over a week and either put them  down with the wash or put them in the spot for goodwill.

5) I purchased paint out of my own money and spackled her wall and began repairing the broken part of the door frame. You'd  think she'd see how hard *I* am working to make her room a nice, comfortable place and would help, but she's 16 and my attempts at making her life better only serve to interfere with her freaking melodrama.

6) I WASHED all the 19 yr old's freaking clothes, and she kept getting mad at me because I was doing things like… asking who these clothes belonged to when I was folding them, she'd snap at me and yell and scream and call me a bitch and tell me to go home, and tell me how *I* make the place dirty.

7) I STILL washed her clothes, even after she acted shitty to me, and I stacked them in the hall for her to take up.  Sorry I draw the line at going up two flights of stairs to put away HER clothes.  The clothes of someonen who called me a "fucking bitch."  Said clothes have been sitting in the hall for a MONTH.  I told her today if they were there the next time I come, I'm giving them to goodwill.  Which of course made her scream at me again.

8) My brother does not suck.  He came over to mow my lawn today,but we couldn't get the 17 yr old to bring us the freaking can of gas. After I drove her to school.

9) When I started cleaning my mother's room, what did I find in a big pile on the floor??? Yeah. All the clothes I've been putting on her bed to put away for the last month.  SO the majority of what I folded and put back on her bed today was shit that should have already been put away. 

10) BEFORE you even say it… you're right. You can't save those that don't wish to be saved.  Shit–you can't even help them make their home a habitable environment.  But I am still bitter than I got the splintery wooden dildo of reality shoved up my ass.


Somebody better freaking buy me some icecream.  And thanks to my brother for letting me eat pizza and even letting me pick a topping. And trying to mow my grass.  Charlie, you completely don't suck, and I'm sorry they take advantage of you the way they do.


My lawn mower doesn't work.  It probably needs something simple.  If I had a REAL DAD he'd look at it and tell me if it needs oil or a new starter or it's getting too much air, or not enough air… but I don't.  he's a fucking ass that has taken advantage of my brother (thats just his most recent offense) and is a liar and a cheat. I thought he was actually evolving into a real human being, but that was just part of the lie too.  


May 5, 2006 - Posted by | Angst, Crazy and/or Weird, Family & Friends, Unwashed Masses


  1. I am still bitter than I got the splintery wooden dildo of reality shoved up my ass.

    Now there is a quote!

    Comment by Me | May 6, 2006

  2. Dare you to make that your sig line.

    Comment by battybeyond | May 6, 2006

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