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To the BLS… Dale would do better with shaken baby syndrome.

Or at least it feels like that. I never really cared one way or another for Dale Jr. until recently. It seems like the worse he does, the more I care about him winning. I feel, like, personally bad when… say… his engine blows up at the end of a race. I get sad when he DNF’s over something that aint his driving. But sometimes I want to shake the crap out of him, and say GET WITH IT, DUDE! Ok, maybe I want to really throttle his car or something. Like, what the hell? Why can’t he just get his act together? He looked like he was doing better this year. If I’m busy worrying about him making the chase, then how can I engage in the important business of hating on Fatty McFatfat and Kurt Busch?

PS… isn’t it weird that Jimmie Johnson wins every time his crew chief gets suspended for cheating?? OK, granted he’s only 2/2 in the cheating/winning department. But think of all the races he DOESNT win… but he manages to win the ones he does, and of the ones he does, two of them are “cheater” races? Hmm.


May 2, 2006 - Posted by | NASCAR

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