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Strange visitor from… your pants.

D00d. Just finished watching Smallville. What’s up with Lynol’s weird tumor headache? And the throwing around of the word “son.” That’s just yucky. Lynol also shows signs of growing into an actual human being. With a soul and everything. And Clark totally grew a pair of balls in the hiatus.

To BLS, who inquires as to what the hell happened to Pa Kent. Ok. So Clark decides to tell lana his secret and asks her to marry him. He pops the question in the fortress of solitude… they go back to Smallville, everybody’s all happy yada yada… Lex is drunk, lana goes runnin’ away from him, ends up sprayed all over the road. Clark throws a temper tantrum, oh waa waaa waaaaa, Jor El, why has this thing happened? So Jor El takes him back in time to the start of the day but says kind of cryptically that there will be a tradeoff.

Later on down the road, Pa’s running against lex for state senate, Lynol is a silent contributor, bla bla, Pa wins, Pa and Lynol have this confrontation thingy, Pa’s heart kicks it and he dies. Yes, the bastards killed pa kent. Bastards.

Anyways, Lana and Lex are kinda sorta together now, and he’s workin’ on the whole evil thing just as his dad seems to be slowly growing the potential to not be a consumate ass forever and ever. So whatever. Lana should just go off and have Lex’s evil little puppies or something. And Lois is hot when she’s all overwelming and in your face and shit. I just thought I should bring it up. She wasn’t actually in the episode or anything.

what the hell was I saying? Oh yeah. Strange visitor from your pants. Yes. Lynol’s all like oh, Martha (cuz he’s all about hitting that shit some day) you haveta live because Clark is all special and stuff and bla bla bla… then the elevator falls and clark catches it and then clark and old daddy evil have this conversation about stuff and stuff.

Dude, I’m really tired now.


April 21, 2006 - Posted by | TV/Movies/Books


  1. How very Superman: The Movie(1). Lana is a ho and deserves death. If anyone should live, it’s sweet sweet Jonathan Schneider. I missed most of Season 4 and have stopped watching. I miss when he fought monsters and stuff.

    Comment by Heather | April 21, 2006

  2. My personal favorite Jonathan Kent moment is when he’s driving down the road in Season One, jamming out to “Good Ol Boys” by Waylon Jennings… it was a nice way of paying homage to the fact that he used to be a Duke boy… I think the episode might have been “Nicodemus.”

    God, I’m a geek.

    Comment by The BLS | April 25, 2006

  3. In fact it was Nicodemus. This was the episode with the flowers and the Kristin Kruik in the pool scene that made me understand why they hired a no talent asian chick to play a wasp white-bread readhead from Kansas.

    Totally covered in water… Oh yeah.

    Comment by Krypto the Super Dog | April 27, 2006

  4. LOL. Yeah, that WAS hot.

    Although, nothing beats the totally-nekkid Clark in episode one of season 4… 😛

    Comment by The BLS | May 1, 2006

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