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My second Lexana merrit badge.

I just watched last week's episode of smallville so much squee, so little time.  It was directed by Tom Welling. 

Visually, it was awesome.  The layers were awesome, the little moments were awesome.  One particular bit of goodness was that Shelby got a little more action than we've seen from the mutt lately.  I [heart] that dog.  More than I [heart] a lot of the boring things happening on that show the last few years.

I loved lois.  I always love lois, but she was just that much more in this episode.  The thing I love about lois, especially in this series, is that she's just loud and large and everywhere and in your face all at once.  She's just overwelming.  Which was just great this week.  

And the lex and lana shipping.  Oh the squee I knew.  I've been on that ship since like season two.  Actually, since the first episode.  Sorry, you don't let someone ride your horses like that unless you're totally into them.  he was just waiting till she was legal.  It's too bad lex is evil and stuff.  Oh well.  The Lex/Chloe snipping was funny tho.  Guess that whole evilness is good for something.  Or something. 

One thing that wasn't cool was the whole "Return of the King-esque" multiple ending vibe.  It kept having this sense of conclusion at the end of each scene from about midway to the end that made it seem very very done.  

Oh well.  Lana grew some balls and told off Chloe, who's destined to have a lesbian relationship with some butch girl named Tina (or Renee, I haven't decided*)  for a few years until she gets recruited by Checkmate. Can you picture Chloe packin' heat? Aww yeah, baybee.  I feels the Chloe/Roy Harper hookup comin' on! 

On a final note, congrats to Lex for gettin' 'er dun.  Too bad he's hardly the man his mommy wants him to be.  Oh well.  At least he'll get to hit some hot lana ass before the kryptonite ring eats his hand and he ends up wearing a dorky green and purple power suit all the time.**

 *You are roxor!!111oneoneone if you know what I'm talkin' about.

** Ditto.   Cuz I'm like really tired and my ability to make sense is really gone.  

To quote The Doctor: Dont. Touch. The. Baby. 

April 19, 2006 - Posted by | TV/Movies/Books


  1. Roy Harper will hit anything so it’s only inevitable that Chloe falls into his arms. I didn’t get number one but do I get kudos for knowing **?

    Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to end the show? Lex starting work on his totally dumb battle suit?

    Comment by Heather | April 19, 2006

  2. Lex and Lana got it on? Interesting… I always knew he had a thing for her.

    And what the hell is up with Jonathan Kent? Are they going to bring him back or what? (I don’t watch Smallville because I don’t get the WB. I get UPN instead. The hot cable guy told me that Jonathan Kent died after Clark and Lana hit it and Clark chose to save Lana’s life….)

    In any case, that’s funny.

    Comment by The BLS | April 20, 2006

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